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Jul 31, 2007 05:47 AM


Going shopping for a chefs knife today. Can i find one in bbb or Linens N things.? Any recs.? I am a home cook and I chop lots of veggies. Also occasionly cut up my whole chickens. TY in advance.

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  1. I just had my kitchen knives sharpened yesterday by a woman who owns a mobile sharpening company. I asked her who -in her professional opinion- makes the best kitchen knives. She said Henkle or Global in the medium to high-end range...and Old Hickory and Chicago in the more affordable range. She said if you do a lot of vegetable chopping a 6" chef's knife is good to have. (I have two 7" knives so she was suggesting that I add a smaller one.) Lastly, my personal preference is a Santoku knife over regular chef's knife.

    Happy shopping!

    1. You may want to find a local knife/scissor specialty store. They may have a better selection (variety of brands) and they will definitely have more knowledge to help you make a decision. My experience has been they are not more expensive than BBB or Linens N Things. Plus, they may even give you free lesson on honing.

      1. If you're not within reach of a pro knife seller or shop, BBB *does* carry a nice collection of open stock cutlery from Henckels, Wuhstof, Shun, and Global. I would rec listing your price range/limit so you could get solid recs from other chowhounds.

        happy hunting!

        1. One advice from jffod in shopping at BBBY for knives is not to buy the quasi serrated ginzu styles. go for the "smooth" edge that can be sharpened. A lot of their knives sold in the hard plastic clam-shells are these serrated. Your BBBY should have a locked cabinet where some of the "better" knives are sold.

          That being said, jfood still thinks everyone who is purchaser knives should look at forschners. They are light (if that's what you are looking for) and incredibly reasonable in price. One caution with any knife is to first feel it in your hand. You will find very expensives that feel great/lousy and likewise on the less expensive.

          You will find that CH'ers are pretty passionate about their repsective brands of knives so a little research is probably a good idea as well.

          1. Within the last year I've bought both a utility knife and bread knife (both Henckels) from either BBB or LNT (can't recall which because they are both near my home & interchangeable in product lines). Prices were reasonable and product quality fine.