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Going shopping for a chefs knife today. Can i find one in bbb or Linens N things.? Any recs.? I am a home cook and I chop lots of veggies. Also occasionly cut up my whole chickens. TY in advance.

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  1. I just had my kitchen knives sharpened yesterday by a woman who owns a mobile sharpening company. I asked her who -in her professional opinion- makes the best kitchen knives. She said Henkle or Global in the medium to high-end range...and Old Hickory and Chicago in the more affordable range. She said if you do a lot of vegetable chopping a 6" chef's knife is good to have. (I have two 7" knives so she was suggesting that I add a smaller one.) Lastly, my personal preference is a Santoku knife over regular chef's knife.

    Happy shopping!

    1. You may want to find a local knife/scissor specialty store. They may have a better selection (variety of brands) and they will definitely have more knowledge to help you make a decision. My experience has been they are not more expensive than BBB or Linens N Things. Plus, they may even give you free lesson on honing.

      1. If you're not within reach of a pro knife seller or shop, BBB *does* carry a nice collection of open stock cutlery from Henckels, Wuhstof, Shun, and Global. I would rec listing your price range/limit so you could get solid recs from other chowhounds.

        happy hunting!

        1. One advice from jffod in shopping at BBBY for knives is not to buy the quasi serrated ginzu styles. go for the "smooth" edge that can be sharpened. A lot of their knives sold in the hard plastic clam-shells are these serrated. Your BBBY should have a locked cabinet where some of the "better" knives are sold.

          That being said, jfood still thinks everyone who is purchaser knives should look at forschners. They are light (if that's what you are looking for) and incredibly reasonable in price. One caution with any knife is to first feel it in your hand. You will find very expensives that feel great/lousy and likewise on the less expensive.

          You will find that CH'ers are pretty passionate about their repsective brands of knives so a little research is probably a good idea as well.

          1. Within the last year I've bought both a utility knife and bread knife (both Henckels) from either BBB or LNT (can't recall which because they are both near my home & interchangeable in product lines). Prices were reasonable and product quality fine.

            1. If you cut chickens you will want a little more weight -- at least I do. You need occasionally to cut through rib bones. Go for a real chef's knife over a Santoku because the pointed end is easier to maneuver around a breast bone while cutting a chicken into ten pieces. I have a Henkels eight inch and it is the workhorse of my kitchen. My Wusthof 7" Santoku has a fine shape and sharpness for veggies, although the rocking motion seems to be harder to do than with the chef's knife. It is a matter of personal preference, so see if you can hold the knife in your hand. Williams Sonoma will let you do that, and so will Crate and Barrel. I found the ten inch chef's knife too big, and the six incher a little too small for chicken butchering. I think it depends on how they feel in your hands, so try them before spending any money. See how they feel. Men and women often have different preferences.

              1. Actually I just got an 8" chef by Farberware. Something like $10 at (cringe) Wal-Mart. Love it. Nice and heavy, if you like that. ...we'll have to see how long it lasts though.

                1. Don't know if you're already done or if you have one by you, but Sur La Table was having a major sale on their knives when I went in on Monday.

                  1. As with RGC, I agree -- hold it in your hand and see how it feels. If you wind up at BBY make sure you bring a coupon -- they also accept ones from L&T; at least the ones here do. Vice-versa as well.

                    I like santokus for almost anything, and kitchen shears often work better for chicken. I had been been about to buy a Shun when my brother bought me a LamsonSharp (he lives near them in western MA. Imagine -- a kitchen tool made here in the U.S.! German steel.). Lamson claims to have invented the santoku; a claim I have not checked.) The Lamson is a little on the heavy side, and I have never seen it here in St. Louis.

                    Have fun!

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                    1. re: Richard 16

                      Read the fine print on those coupons. Many times they can't be used on Henkel and Wusthoff products.

                      1. re: HungryLetsEat

                        Here's a little known, but highly valuable fact about those BBB coupons: Find the product on their website and print out the page. If the store near you does not have it in stock, they will order it for you, ship it to your home at no additional cost, and apply the 20% off. They have a lot more online than in store, and I've saved myself a lot of money.

                        Their coupons are not good for Henckles, All-Clad, Wusthof, Lenox, Wedgewood, Vera Wang, etc.

                        1. re: mojoeater

                          The 20% off coupons can't be used for Wusthof or Henckels but CAN be used for Global. That's how I bought most of my knives. Not all BBBs carry Global though, but they have an extensive selection online.

                          1. re: cookiegirl

                            and do not be embarassed taking more than one coupon with you per trip. they will take four coupons for four items at the checkout.

                            1. re: jfood

                              They will also take expired coupons, at least every BB+B I've been to has taken them.

                              1. re: Buckethead

                                My girlfriend hates using expired ones on principle, but yeah, they always tell us it doesn't matter. Also, and here's one we have done, if you happen in and buy something that you want to use a coupon on, and you don't have one with you, just take the coupon and receipt back another day and they'll refund you the difference! Very low key. Amazingly, BBB seems to be doing well. Downturn in home sales has affected some other home-related retailers but not BBB very much.

                                Also, if it comes down to it and you need something from the other place, take your BBB coupons into Linens n Things, where they'll accept it. (And BBB will accept LNT coupons too.)

                                Oh, the other thing is if you have a mixture of coupons, they will make that come out right as well. Let's say, for instance, you have a $5 off $15 or more coupon, then a 20% off coupon, and you buy a couple of small things that add up to $15 and a $100 knife or something like that. Well, they'll let you take 20% off the knife and get $5 off the $15 of other stuff. No problem.

                                I find the store a little cramped at times, and the checkout can be slow at times, but they do try to be helpful with this stuff. Only the very smallest and cheapest items should ever be bought there without some kind of coupon.

                                1. re: CrazyOne

                                  Major diff between BBBY and LNT is the return w coupon.

                                  At BBBY you can bring the recipt and the coupon for the adjustment
                                  At LNT you have to schlepp the item back in addition to the coupon and receipt..

                                  1. re: CrazyOne

                                    Thanks for this great info! I get those coupons in the mail all the time and they tend to expire before I need/want to use them. Good to know I can just stockpile them.

                                    1. re: HungryLetsEat

                                      the only reason jfood knows is his mom tried to stuff a bunchinto her pocketbook as she was packing to go to the airport.

                                      Now jfood has a nice little pile.

                                      1. re: jfood

                                        When I need something long-lasting and heavy-duty, I always check a local restaurant supply house (many sell to the public as well). Everything is long-wearing and well-priced. I always have the suspicious feeling that BB&B, Linens & Things, etc. get secondary lines -- kind of like so-called outlet stories for name brand items. And I'd never buy a chef's knife through the mail, because I think it's important to see how it feels in my hand.

                                    2. re: CrazyOne

                                      Totally true. Their coupons are the best bargains around. I stockpile them!

                                  2. re: jfood

                                    If you use a coupon & then return the item, ask them for the coupon back. They don't mind, but they won't suggest it. Those $5 coupons don't come around that often and are great for the under $25 items.

                                2. re: mojoeater

                                  Mojoeater...how do you get them to ship the item for free? I went to 2 stores and while both places were happy to apply the 20% discount, they both also said that I had to pay for shipping myself.

                                  1. re: chickster

                                    Yes, I'd like to know that, too.
                                    And as far as the coupons not being good for Wusthof or Henckels is concerned, check them first. I think it depends on the age of the coupon. Like jfood's mom, I have been stockpiling coupons for a while, and the coupon here in front of me that "expired" 10/15/02 excludes Henckels, but the one expiring on 08/27/07 excludes Wusthof. 04/23/07 expiration excludes BOTH. I wish someone would explain that to me, too.

                            2. Knives are a very subjective topic and there are so many variables. A lot of it depends on how much usage, what you want to spend and most importantly how they feel in your hands. You can get a decent Wusthof or Henckels at BBB or LnT, but I find them to be expensive and typically the coupons aren't accepted for those brands. If you can go to a speciality store where you can hold the knives and have an experienced sales person help you make a decision. Even ordering online with a phone call can get you more information than asking a sales person at BBB or LnT.

                              I am a firm believer of spending a decent amount on a quality knife, since its used so often and having a knife hold a sharp edge is important. I personally like my MAC knives. I have a MAC Superior Santoku and one of their paring knives. I like the light-weight, their hardness which keeps a sharp edge, and the angle their blades are ground at. I also have Caphalon Katana Series 8" Chef knife and 3 1/2" parer. Some might consider owning these knives blasphmous since they are made in China and others think they are fine. However for my amount of usage and they price I paid it was well worth it. My only complaint with the chef knife is the weight, which many people find too heavy for repeated cutting tasks, but they are probably the sharpest knives I have gotten out of the box. I am also quite fond of the Henckels Pro S Chef Knife. I really like the balance, weight, and overall cutting performance. Forschners consistenly come up as excellent values, since they use quality steel German steel and have a lower price.

                              I would probably get a chef knife at 8" if you are going to take apart a chicken from time to time. Also you might want something with a little weight to help you get through the bones. I think the shape of chef knife would be easier to manuovuer around a chicken as opposed to a Santoku.

                              If you can do some research esstentially there is a Japanese style and German style of approach toward blades and varations within each camp. Decide what style you think is best and then find the knife that suits you best.

                              Hope this helps

                              1. I hope you found a knife/knives that works for you.
                                After reading some of the replies you received, I will say this, I am a department manager at BB&B, I hope you will find this informative and take advantage of the knowledge we are willing to share in your future shopping with BB&B.I feel I am very knowledgeable in most the products we sell. Depending on ones work ethic and interest in product knowledge you should never leave a BBB confused of any product, we are trained to provide the best customer service and if you don't find the person you are speaking with knowledgeable; ask them to 'Pass the Buck' they'll know what you mean.
                                Regarding your knife Q: We sell a wide variety of cutlery, if you don't find something in store, we will go beyond our 4 walls to our very large online assortment. Most definitely, ask to see and hold any cutlery or locked merchandise before making your decision, we'll be more than happy to allow you that privilege.
                                My recommendations for under $400 for a full set are the J.A. Henkels Four Star or Pro S Series, Wusthof, or Calphalon's Katana, depends on your preference of style. All of these are Fully Forged, and easy to handle. When buying cutlery it is okay to mix and match with open stock, but keep in mind, manufacturers recommend you use the same sharpener as the brand, due to the types of metal and cut's. The sharpeners also have specific polypropylene handles to keep your knife at the right angle, so as not to damage it. Also, although they may be dishwasher safe it is not recommended due to the heat put out by your washer. I hope this has provided you with some knowledge and again, feel free to pick the minds of anyone at your local BB&B.
                                Regarding our coupon policy, yes we accept as many 20% coupons as products you have as long as the manager at the store approves it. FYI we never say no. at least we're trained not to, so if you get a no, call 1-800-GO-BEYOND and let it be known. Also the fine print is in most cases is ignored by our staff, again our Policy is never to say no, as long as it provides you with great customer service, and doesn't go against the needs of the business.
                                Happy Shopping!!!!!!!

                                1. I agree completely with recs to try out your knife to see hoew it feels in your hand, use a coupon(s) if going to BBB, L&T etc. and get the best quality you can on the knife that feels right to you.

                                  I would add that I always try to take a walk through HomeGoods before making a kitchen purchase because you never know if you will luck out there.

                                  Chop chop!!