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Jul 30, 2007 11:47 PM

Burma Superstar- finally visiting tomorrow

I'm finally making it to Burma Superstar tomorrow night with three of my foodie friends. After a bunch of research I have almost decided what to order. Please help me A) Decide between a couple possible dishes, B) Know if I am ordering an appropriate amount of food, C) Let me know what you think about my choices. Thanks in advance!

1. Tea Leaf Salad
2. Samusa Soup
3. Sesame Beef
4. Coconut Rice
5. Either the Bun Tay Kauswer (Coconut Chicken Flour Noodle Curry) or the Nan Pia Dok (coconut Curry Flat flour Noodles with chicken)
6. Either the Pork Pumpkin Stew or the Burmese Style Curry with Shrimp
7. If we need something more (which I'm guessing we really don't) the Ginger Salad

And ginger lemonade to wash it all down!

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  1. Sounds like a great meal no matter what you decide.

    The amount of food looks appropriate for 4 people. The coconut rice is just a side order, not a complete dish, so you could maybe do 6 things listed (including ginger salad) or else maybe 5 would be enough...depends on hungry you are and how many leftovers you want. Two salads might also be a lot, but maybe not if you like salad, since they are different from each other.

    Here's my post from when I went in March

    In my post I talked about liking the shrimp curry, especially along w/ the coconut rice.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your meal!

    Dave MP

    1. One of my favorite items on the menu is the rainbow salad, I get this every time I go along with the Tea Leaf Salad and the Samusa soup and usually nothing else. I recommend you get the rainbow, it's one of the specialty's of the house. Personally I think the soup and salad is the star of any meal at Burma.

      1. I've found the Chinese- and Indian-influenced dishes boring compared with what I can get at Chinese and Indian restaurants, so I'd drop the sesame beef in favor of Moh Hinga, the national dish of Burma.

        1. I did alot of research before going for my first time also! It's really hard when you want to make the most of your visit. We had the Tea Leaf Salad - wonderful! I tried the Pumpkin Shrimp. It was delicious, but not what I was expecting. It is sweet and mild, and in my head, I was envisioning more spice. But it was very good. I would also recommend the Basmati Rice in addition to the Coconut Rice. There were four of us and one order of each of the rices was plenty. The Samusa appetizer was very good. Crispy, but not greasy, with a very pleasant dipping sauce. But since the filling was potato, it filled me up too much to fully enjoy the rest of the dishes. I would agree also to nix the Sesame Beef and go for one of their specialties. Anything with a star should work well! Next time I go, I am definitely going to order soup.

          Please enjoy your meal for me, too!

          1. the pork pumpkin stew is really good...but then i haven't had the curry w/shrimp.

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              1. tea leaf salad ( the ginger salad and tea leaf are similar so i'll go for the tea which is actually from Burma itself )
              2. samusa soup
              3. nix the sesame beef
              4. coconut rice for 1 to start off with and order a side of platha ( pan fried layer bread )
              5. bun tay and nan pia are very similar to each other. i like the nan pia - which has more ingredients and a kick of chili.
              6. pumpkin shrimp.
              7. if it's a party of 4, try the rainbow salad as well!