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Jul 30, 2007 09:19 PM

Quail Eggs


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  1. Bob? Was there more to this message? It's a bit of a koan, as it stands.

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    1. re: rcallner

      Koan? I don't get it? :)

      But in reply (& it will not help you), I buy them at my local Loblaws grocery store. Amazingly they are a regularly stocked item. Don't ask me why?

    2. well, if you're wondering where to get them I have seen them at Surfa's in Culver City and also at the Pavilion market in Culver City.
      If you're looking for something to do with them, I saw this article with recipes (Bon App├ętit, March 2007), which suggested pickling them and serving them in a martini, served along with homemade potato chips drizzled with white truffle oil, Parmesan, parsley and fresh cracked pepper. Sounded pretty good to me, so it's stuck in my head since then, but I'm sure there are many many uses.

      1. I saw them in the refrigerator at Nanay's Seafood Market in LA.

        Nanay's Seafood Market
        4032 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90065

        1. On the westside, I usually find quail eggs at Nijiya Market on Sawtelle.

          My preferred method for having quail eggs is always raw (or cracked on hot rose rice with toasted sesame seeds, bonito flakes and soy sauce.)

          1. You can also buy quail eggs at the poultry counter in the 3rd Street Farmer's Market.

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            1. re: SauceSupreme

              Also, Japanese markets (like brunello suggested) should carry them, but I recall seeing them at most Asian markets in general.

              What neighborhood are you in?