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Jul 30, 2007 09:03 PM

Best Asian Grocery between Wellington & Ft Lauderdale

It's me again! What's the best asian grocery between Wellington and Ft Lauderdale?
I usually go to the one in Boca on Federal or on Lantana Road. They are pretty good. Just wonderig about different (better??) ones. I've heard about a very large korean supermarket on commercial??? anybody know the name and any opinions about this one?
Thanks for your help!

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  1. The only one I've been to was on Hillsboro Blvd., east of Powerline. It's several stores east of the dunkin donuts. Is it the best? I don't know, but I've always found a good selection of ingredients that I've wanted.

    Where is the one on Federal in Boca?

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      I've been to that one a long time ago, remember it to be very messy...
      The one in boca is great very small though but very clean and the people are very helpful. (why would i look anywhere else??)
      Its on Federal I believe between Yamato & Glades, haha I always forget, just remember it's by Pollo Tropical on the westhand side.

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        Fortune Cookie on Forest Hill east of Congress is FANTASTIC! They are so helpful with products you might not be familiar with and speak fluent English. They have EVERYTHING including dishes and groceries from all different Asian cultures.

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          I actually wanted to warn you about the Fortune Cookie. I went there regularily, until I was warned by a Korean friend that many of the products on the shelves are out of date (not like a MONTHS/YEARS). If that wasn't bad enough, I have actually found that they TAKE OFF or SCRATCH OFF the expiration date on some items.

          Be very aware of what what you're buying. If you can't find the expiration date- don't buy it.

          I still occasionally by produce from there on saturdays though.

      2. Best Asian grocery in the area I've been to is in the same strip mall as Silver Pond on 441 just south of Commercial. It is run by Vietnamese and has an excellent selection of Asian goods. The whole strip mall is great. Check out the Chinese BBQ joint.

        1. I know them all but none of the names.

          On hillsboro, east of powerline on the south side of the road is a small shop, dirty but i like it becauase its relatively close to me.

          The Korean place at the NW corner of Oakland and University is not very dirty and its the only place for the real KOREAN stuff which is my passion.

          On the east side of University, between commercial and oackland, is the largest best all purpose grocery store. Huge Pink store in a huge pink strip mall. FYI, the most legit chinese in town is next door at Silver Pond Restaurant! Aside for specific Korean stuff, this is the best store by far.

          Small expensive one on Federal north of Yamato, small nice one on university by Kopans/Royal palm.

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            Thanx lotech & Raboi! heard about the one on commercial from my korean friends, just never knew where it really was!

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              The strip mall with Silver Pond, the A Dong grocery and all that other stuff in it is not on the east side of University between Commercial and Oakland Park. It's On the west side of 441 between Commercial and Oakland Park. :)

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                They cleaned up the one on Hillsboror. Got a bigger store in the same shopping center ao now there's actually room for everything and not a million boxes. The bext time to go is on a Saturday after 11 in the morning. They get all that premade specialty food delivered.

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                  Thanx a lot guys! glad to hear about the one on Hillsboro!

              2. The Korean supermarket that I think you are referring to is on University just south of Commercial on the east side. It is pretty new, it is around 2 years since opening. It is very clean. The address is 4805 N. University, in Lauderhill. If you are up north, in palm beach county, there is a vietnamese store, much smaller on military, north of Okeechobee on the west side. Right after the popeye's. It is in a plaza with a Chinese restaurant called singing bamboo. Which is the best Chinese food around. I personally go to this supermarket bcse it is closer. I will go down south once a month to hit the korean s-market and the chinese on that is on 441 around commercial.

                1. Saigon Market in Lake Park has expanded -- it's packed with Asian groceries, fresh produce, meats, and on the weekends, fresh pastries. It's on Park Avenue in Lake Park, a few blocks east of U.S. 1. Very friendly staff; prices are extremely reasonable.
                  Fortune Cookie is another huge market, and one of the oldest, on Forest Hill Blvd. east of Congress Avenue, in West Palm. Fresh produce, fish, meats, some prepared foods, large selection of cookware and other non-comestibles.

                  - Jan Norris of the SoFla food blog,

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                    Saigon Market is nice but they don't carry sechuan peppercorns. The owner said they quit carrying them due to low demand. Does anyone in SoFla know where I can get these w/o using the internet?