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Jul 30, 2007 08:47 PM

Riordan's Tavern

Anyone been??

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  1. Yeah, I've been to the Original Pantry Cafe a couple times.

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    1. re: Normal Garciaparra

      Not the same as the Original Pantry. Classy, east coast type tavern/steak house. Had the ahi tuna shashimi and melt in your mouth porter house. Service was friendly, upscale/casual, ambiance was comfortable.

      1. re: ghw

        Twas a joke, if you know who the owner of the Pantry is and a certain job title he held a few years back...

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. What's on the Menu? Saw the post on LA. eater but no mention of the menu.
        I think it's fair to assume a couple steaks and a pub burger.

      2. Anyone have an address on this place? Eater seems to have left out that key detail.

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        1. re: Mark Sarvas

          Isn't it right next to the Pantry? Well, it'll be another Staples center event option.

          1. re: Mark Sarvas

            Eater gave the location "next door to the Original Pantry".

            1. re: Servorg

              D'oh. Guess I should have read more closely. Thanks, guys.

          2. I just walked by and peeked at the menu in the window. Crab cakes, salads, salmon, lobster, steak. I'll report back as soon as I get some time to try it.

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            1. re: mollyomormon

              THANK YOU~~ I will look forward to your post mollyomormon ;)

              1. re: miffy

                I forgot to post after my trip last week for lunch. I really like the look of this place: dark woods with leather booths, kind of an old boys club atmosphere. When you sit down, they bring you bread, deli mustard and a tray with celery, olives, sliced radishes and carrots....very much in line with the decor and fun to munch on while you wait. The service was very good, almost to the point of being a tiny bit overbearing (probably because it wasn't crowded at all). The menu is short and, while not exactly adventurous, has a selection where most diners can find something. We shared the ahi sashimi appetizer which was better than I would have predicted. I had a mixed greens salad topped with rare sliced steak (cooked perfectly to order) and mixed with blue cheese and candied walnuts. Obviously nothing very innovative, but it was good for what it was. My dining partner had a hamburger which he seemed to enjoy and we shared an order of the mushrooms which was good, although seemed a little heavy on vinegar. I think the total was somewhere around $50 before tax and tip. It's not a place I'd frequent on my own dime, but I'm glad it's close to my office for work lunches and dinners.

                1. re: mollyomormon

                  Boy, that REALLY sounds like the Daily Grill, but maybe with a smaller menu?

                  1. re: mollyomormon

                    that is the best report I have heard of that place yet- but seems very nice! and so downtown appropriate ;) I am glad you enjoyed it~

              2. I had lunch there yesterday. Was not impressed. Fairly expensive. They offer a daily sandwich special, "The Carvery" for $12.95. Consists of a "slow roasted" meat of the day. I chose the Monte Carlo Beef - basically the same meat from the Pantry (next door) on a nice bread selection (sorry, can't recall the bakery they buy from). Coleslaw (sound familiar?), lettuce,tomato and onions. Condiments were deli mustard and mayo. The server brought out some au jus - looked familiar and upon tasting it was that brown "gravy" they put on so many dishes at The Pantry -- except it was room temperature. Bottom line? For $20 (sandwich, iced tea and tip) there are much better choices! To be fair I do need to try something new from the menu. I'd like to give their $38 steak a try but Morton's is only a little further walk down the street.

                I visited the new downtown Ralph's on Saturday for lunch and enjoyed a marvelous tri-tip sandwich that was much better than the sandwich from Riordan's Tavern. Ambiance? The people watching was better at Ralph's but the plasma display at the Tavern was good too.

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                1. re: Fesdwino

                  I saw that Ralph's on TV! I guess it is probably better than some other Ralph's?!

                  1. re: Fesdwino

                    I am hearing that too- : expensive $$ for simple non exciting basics you can get any place