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Jul 30, 2007 08:37 PM

Alternative for Owen's Mkt in Beverly Hills which is closing.

I grew up on meat from Owen's Market on Pico just east of Roxbury. It looks like a mini-mart but was actually a neighborhood fine market with delivery and had the most amazing lamb (domestic-not from New Zealand) I had ever tasted. The porterhouse steaks were also fantastic. Last time I was there they said they were no longer carrying meat, and it looks like they may be closing altogether. Where else can I go to buy great meat? I am now going to Whole Foods or Bristol Farms and don't think they are as good as Owens was and pretty expensive to boot. I live close to Beverly Hills and Culver City in Beverlywood, but I am in Santa Monica a lot. Any suggestions?

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  1. Maraconda at the Farmer's Market (fairfax/third) has great meats. I live a few blocks from Owens and am really sad to see them go. I had heard it was going to re-open with a new owner and offer more prepared foods but that was supposed to happen months ago,

    1. You'll be very pleased with Victor's Meats, about a mile and a half south of Owen's. It's in a tiny strip mall where Palms meets the 10 Fwy. Great meat, wonderful service and prices lower than Owen's.

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        thanks-have been to Victor's a long time ago and I remember they marinate your flank steak for you. Will try again. Also will go to the Farmer's Market.

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          Victor's will do virtually anything to your meat. I wanted 1/4 inch cubed beef for chili once - voila. it was done. Love tis place.

      2. look for OWENS MARKET to open under new ownership around 1st or 2nd week of Oct. with prime and choice meat,lamb, pork and fresh fish. New look inside and out.

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          Per EaterLA, Lesley wrote that Mindy Weiss bought the place, and will be bringing in the best of the best.
          Here are the deets regarding the timing of the liquor license transfer, and a chain of title as to who formerly owned the place, meaning Owen has not owned it since Y2K!

        2. Owen's reopened this week. They have a great looking meat counter with some delicious looking prime meats from Montana, I think. I didn't try it today but I bought some prepared foods that we really enjoyed for dinner tonight. I am hoping to try the meat next week.