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Hell's Kitchen - July 30th - Spoilers

I couldn't believe when Ramsey let Jen go. I think Rock is the best of the mediocre group, and he is going to win the competition. I am sort of disappointed on the poor selection of contestants overall this season (except Julia - she was my favourite).


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  1. I agree. I was in shock when Ramsey said "Rock, I'm going to have to ask you to go... to the finale." What a 3 second roller coaster ride that must have been for him! I hope he makes it.

    1. I think Rock is a shoe in and they had to let Jen go because Bonnie will provide more drama for the last show.

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        Agreed. Still would have liked seeing Rock and Julia in the finale.

      2. It was especially surprising that he would let Jen go after her big, unanimous win in the mommy contest. Her fried chicken roulades looked great. Surely her not noticing that the pasta dish was missing the crab meat wasn't enough to outweigh her culinary skills in the contest. Well, at least she has the $1,000 worth of kitchen supplies.

        1. The same thing happened last year there was (I forget her name) a finalist who had no business being there. I think they do it so there will be some kind of consensus on the winner.


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            Yup - that was Virginia. Seemingly no contest against Heather. I was thinking about that after Jen was sent packing - same type of finale set-up for HK3.

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              This was exactly my thought. He's already picked who he wants to win (Rock) and wants to make it an easy decision after the final.

            2. An amateur mistake by Jen cost her last night. Pretty bad when you try to send out a dish without one of its main ingredients.

              With the above said she was at a slight disadvantage being the first one to be sending out dishes, so the next two perhaps knew they might see some trickery as well..

              Bonnie is terrible, and she could have never worked in any of the kitchens I have worked in back in the day. She is disorganized, not that good of a cook at all, and cries on the line. The crying on the line being totally unacceptable, how can she expect to get the respect of her coworkers/employees? She should stick to babysitting, and cooking grilled cheese for the kids she watches.

              Rock is the superior line cook in this show, and note I said line cook because he may hold the title of chef where he works, but he isnt a chef in my eyes. Jen, another decent line cook, but with a terrible attitude, and not a team player from what I saw of the show.

              1. I can't help but think that the "elinimations" are orchestrated ahead of time with no regard to actual performance. Last year I was convinced of that when Virginia ended up in the finals despite being a complete idiot in the kitchen. But she was cute -- something other contestants noted as they were kicked off much to Gordon's explosive response. This time I was sure that Rock had to make it because they weren't going to have a two-woman cookoff like last time. Bonnie is cuter and is good on TV so she was a shoo-in. They always go for the cute girls.
                The problem is that all the contestants this year are really bad -- when Chef Ramsey says "stop making noodles" and you keep right on making noodles are you addled or what? This show has veered away from cooking and toward drama. Ramsey's rants seem forced -- if you see him of the British shows he's really not such an hysteric. The cute girls can set fire to the kitchen and will advance. Cooking is the last thing that matters. It's really not worth watching IMO. Stick with Top Chef.

                1. Totally predictable weeks ago how the show was going to evolve. Similar to American Idol in that the producers are looking for diverse demographics as the show proceeds. No way they were having a Julia versus Rock or a Jenn versus Bonnie final. Can you say…Ratings? Remember it’s TV not the World Series (let’s carve out the Black Sox Scandal). And let’s remember that Julia won the challenge last week (remember “Booty Bath?”) and she saw the door 45 minutes later.

                  So back to the highlights.

                  - The tension really built when Bonnie chose Franks and Beans and then made believe she did not know what they were. Let’s see, she’s a Nanny in real life and has never heard of Franks and Beans with her charges. She’s pulling the same Jessica Simpson “Chicken of the Sea” stuff and everyone’s bought into it.
                  - Couldn’t ya just puke when the chefs came unglued when they saw their Mommies. Hasn’t any of them gone off to college or moved out of their parents’ house.
                  - How embarrassing was it to see Jenn in the Cooking Store. Like watching Lindsay Lohan in a Liquor Store, “I’ll take one of these.” “OMG they have round cake pans!!!”
                  - How about the yell-fest. Bonnie goes first and the claws go full tilt at GR. Nice job of intertwining some swear words into the diatribe. Guess she did not see herself prior to her tasking the hot plate. BTW, jfood thought she did great in managing the team. The Rock comes across like the weenie on the roll again (pass the mustard and ‘kraut please) and Jenn tried her best to curse, it was like watching a 4th grader in the school yard. Are you kidding me?
                  - Whodathunk that a few missing scallops on pasta would seal the deal for Jenn’s demise. Interesting in that her earlier comment was “My mom thought mine was the pasta and she hated it” and it turns out pasta kicked her off the show.
                  - Not too big an advantage for Rock and Bonnie to see what was going on at the hot plate. No dummies there. Hmmmm, maybe I’ll check the ingredients.
                  - Then who runs out of Risotto…Jenn. Okeedokee for perfect editing. Clue number 2.
                  - Then back to the housing quarters and Rock once again turns to Slippery Rock with all those tears. Now pass the relish to stick on the weenie.
                  - But jfood’s FAVORITE moment was Rocks’ words of endearment to Mrs. Rock …”Gee I hope it’s conjugal.” GO FOR IT BRO!!!!! Nice way to treat the wife!!!

                  So with jfood at 3-3 over the last two weeks he needs a little time to think this through before the final prediction. But boy was that fun to watch.

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                    When Ramsey said "Jen", I swear the first thing I thought of was jfood leaning back in the barcolounger (jbarcolounger?) with a knowing "Told ya". You nailed the Beauty vs. Beast finale. I'll go with Beast, but I had a real hoot when Bonnie gave GR an earfull! Lots of pent up stuff in that little girl......

                    1. re: jfood

                      I have to confess that I'm with Bonnie on this challenge, I have never heard of nor seen franks-n-beans. In fact, the only reason I know of their existence is because there was a similar challenge on "Top Chef" a few weeks ago and someone had the exact same reaction. I wouldn't even know what type of beans to put on the hot dog (I'm guessing baked beans?).

                      That said, I thought that the quality of HK contestants has been uniformly bad. This year does take the cake with a a fat and flamboyant Asian cowboy who cries at the drop of a hat, a whiny 26-year old who doesn't know how to clean a kitchen, and an executive chef who can barely raise his voice above a whisper when commanding his kitchen. But am I the only one who remembers cringing in years past at the terrible chefs Fox was recruiting?

                      1. re: jfood

                        Another great review, jfood. :-) Have to say I loved Bonnie's one and only practice take on running the pass - even the sous chef Scott got a big laugh out of that one! Both Rock and Jen were weenies on their attempts.

                        As for the winner - I think the Beast is going to win - unless something happens (wait, something ALWAYS happens!) in their new restaurant build-out. We know Bonnie doesn't get the fabric she wants; I'm sure something won't show up for Rock. Gotta build up that tension.

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                          "- But jfood’s FAVORITE moment was Rocks’ words of endearment to Mrs. Rock …”Gee I hope it’s conjugal.” GO FOR IT BRO!!!!! Nice way to treat the wife!!!"

                          Mine too. I thought that was hilarious. Not better than telling someone their food tastes like Bovril though.

                          Guess I must be in the minority, but I find Bonnie decidedly UNattractive, but maybe that's because she acts like such a "stupid cow."

                          1. re: C. Hamster

                            I am with you, I dont consider her attractive at all. So I dont buy into the "beauty & the beast" concept talked about by some. Its a final of a relatively competent line cook vs a girl who should probably have stuck to babysitting, and warming up Kraft Mac-n-Cheese, and throwing leftovers in a microwave for the kids she babysits.

                            1. re: swsidejim

                              But you've got to admit - she's cuter than Rock. :-)

                              1. re: LindaWhit

                                Yes, I have to agree to that statement.

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                                  I actually find Rock to be quite attractive. Bonnie is in desperate need of a hot oil treatment and some highlights that make her hair look less yellow.

                          2. I was kind of shocked about Jen being let go too. But as others have said, the nanny makes for better tv.
                            Mostly I'm jealous of Jen's $1,000 shopping spree at Surfas!!! You walk into Surfas and just fall in love with food and cooking all over again.

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                            1. re: slacker

                              I was rooting for Julia all the way..does anyone know if Ramsay is really sending her to cooking school a la Donald Trump sending one of his Apprentices to biz school? I thought Jen was too weak for executive chef duties and think Rock is a shoe in, though it would be kind of amusing if Jessica Simpson--er, Bonnie, pulls it all out, proves she's not such a ditz, which she has done in the past few episodes minus the frank and beans thing, and take the show! I'm rooting for both, frankly!

                              1. re: LesleyEats

                                I'm rooting for Rock, but mostly for my own ego. I called him as the winner at the first episode.

                                1. re: LesleyEats

                                  I want Bonnie to win. For sheer entertainment value--I just want to laugh even more.

                              2. I'm rooting for Rock this season. =)

                                And Jen makes the UGLIEST cry faces I have ever seen! LOL

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                                1. re: ggdinero

                                  Don't forget Jen's T-Rex walk.
                                  Yes I'm rooting for Bonnie. I think a crying exec chef whose prior professional experience was making PB & J's for rich brats is what every "fine dining" experience needs.

                                  All of them are at the peak of their "powers" (!) save Julia. She's the only one who knows that she doesn't know, is eager to learn, and is educable. She can be taught & trained and become notable. Most of the rest think they already know it all.

                                  That being said, I hope Rock wins. They intentionally chose a group of (mostly) losers in order to make good TV. It's never been about being a good "chef" (that term's sure been devalued). It's Fox!

                                2. OK jfood predicts tonight's event.

                                  The sentimental favorite in jfood's book is Bonnie in the "Beauty and the Beast" Competition. Here's a woman who is a Nanny and is now on the verge of obtaining her own resto. Hollywood loves it. Versus the hard guy who has worked his way up to a senior position in a resto (and please no more crying from either).


                                  Pluses and minus -

                                  Rock - although trying to come off as the macho-tough guy, his wimpering pver the last two weeks has been dreadful. His yelling at GR last week was embarassing and his handling of the kitchen duringthe hot plate assignment was just OK. Yet he has been all over Jenn in previous weeks when he was just one of many versus one of three. jfood thinks he was playing it very safe last week thinking if he did not screw up the finals would include him and he was right. Now that he's had his "congugal" he is raring for raw meat again and will come out swinging in the final.
                                  Jen - What can you say about this unknown who could have been eliminated many times over the weeks. She's a Nanny, gives a great Jessica Simpson "I'm so stupid" impersonation and then kicks it up a notch in the kitchen. Jfood thinks she handled the scream at GR artfully, but then when she was on the hot plate, handled her kitchen with a touch that many would like to work with her. She needed to earn her spot in the finals over the last few weeks by upping her game over Julia and Jenn. She's the sentimental favorite in Jfood's book.

                                  Who can GR give the kitchen to? Although jfood would love to see the Nanny make good, it's hard for him to believe that GR will entrust the kitchen to Bonnie. Rock has worked his way up the line, is on the precipice to havinghis own kitchen and GR will feel he has the better skill set for LV.

                                  So Jfood, even though he will be rooting for Bonnie tonight, thinks Rock will get the nod.

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                                  1. re: jfood

                                    "So Jfood, even though he will be rooting for Bonnie tonight, thinks Rock will get the nod."
                                    (Note to jfood - needs a quick-correction above - change Jen's name to Bonnie)

                                    Ahhh, but we won't find out who wins tonight. It's a 2-part finale. I'll bet tonight will show the problems they'll have creating their own restaurant and then they'll show the cooking / finale next week. Although I hope we get to see who comes back from the HK dead to help the Final 2 out. If Bonnie knows what's good for her, she should pick Julia! Wonder if Aaron will be back (I hope not!)

                                    1. re: LindaWhit

                                      I cant believe what a mess Julia was last night. She seemed like such a sore loser when she actually walked away with the best prize--cooking school! I hope she doesnt sabotage Bonnie next week...