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Jul 30, 2007 07:34 PM

calypso hut

just wondering if anyone has been to the calypso hut on victoria park just south of eglinton. i saw a sign a couple weeks back that said they did restaurant makeover and i was curious if it was any good. the food was excelent with the previous owners but i haven't been in years.

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  1. Just saw this episode of Restaurant Makeover on Food Network. Have anyone visited the place yet?

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    1. re: climacus

      According to something I read on the net, in October 2007 the police had to come to the restaurant due to some shooting at a christening party...charming..

      I caught a few minutes of the show last night and the owner (Nisha) said she bought the bar from the previous owner (who was a bar fly) and she wanted to change it from a rum shop. I didn't see the end of it...was she succesful.?

    2. We have a "Calypso Hut II" here in Brampton and the place is absolute sleaze central.

      Stabbings, shootings, you name it.. All happen here

      I wonder if these 2 locations are related to eachother.

      I was watching this episode as well but ended up falling asleep before it was over.. Instinct tells me: AVOID

      1. I saw the end of the episode: the reno was done, and of course it looked better than before, though that's not saying much considering how bad it looked in the beginning. But the owner didn't seem to have any cooking skills -- she could barely cut a pepper -- and there was no mention of hiring a qualified chef. Stranger things have happened, but I don't think I'd venture there for food.

        It might have been a sleezy "rum shop" before, but without selling that rum, I doubt they'll survive. Based on TV schedules, that much-publicized shooting in October probably happened well after the reno, too.

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        1. re: Gary

          From what I recall, in the past the place was just a drinking hole (aka a rum shop) and the menu was secondary. The decor was sparse and that is being kind. She wanted to turn it into a family friendly place. In terms of WI restaurants the decor has never been an important detail from the WI restaurants I've been to.

          1. re: Gary

            Yeah, I knew the name sounds familiar. Obviously the new decor didn't help in getting rid of the ghetto crowd. Why they didn't insist on a name change for the restaurant is beyond me. If you want to lose your regulars, you can't reuse the old name.

            This is definitely a case of someone flirting with the restaurant business with no idea how merciless it is.