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Nolita House

Has anyone been to Nolita House? I saw a segment about it on the Fine Living channel and was intrigued...

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  1. i go pretty regulalry, order lunch, do happy hour, even threw a company holiday party there...so yeah, i'm fan and anyone i've ever take there has loved it ;)

    some highlights: my favorite spinach dip ever, with homemade rosemary flatbread, great cheese platters that come with a little salad/fruit, wine & cheese specials, 2 for 1 happy hours, great specialty drinks at times...

    large and delicious sandwiches, which they'll also do as wraps, very accomodating...good, large salads, burgers, very rich mac & cheese... they do a mussels & fries special once a week.. always good, helpful service and reasonable prices, though have found them to be a bit slow once in a while, but like i said, i go a lot...

    i heard the brunch (w/live music) is great, but i still have not made it... oh, and great onion rings too!

    i know they've won the citysearch best comfort food a few years, and that is what you get. plus artisanal cheeses and good wine & beer selection for a little place.

    and if you get lunch delivered, they usually send a little chocolate brownie/cake desert bite, which is always a treat!

    1. It's a great neighborhood place (I live in the neighborhood, and I'm there often). They do a really nice brunch on the weekends, with a live bluegrass band playing and a kickass brick of french toast. They have a worthy cheese selection and offer up two choices and a glass of wine for $14. The previous tenant of the space was an Italian restaurant (Risa), whose brick oven remains. Nolita House doesn't show up on the "best pizza" lists, but when their pie is on (it usually is), it's pretty damn good stuff.

      On top of that, the atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly, and the folks who work there are great. It's definitely worth stopping in.

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        Wow, thank you both! Love the reviews and I definately plan to go! I read about the mac and cheese...sounds so tempting!

      2. On Tuesday nights, the bottles of wine are 1/2 price.

        1. I really like this place. It's a great inexpensive, casual option in the neighborhood. And the mac and cheese is terrific - very rich and creamy. They offer it as a side dish which I usually get as a starter instead since it's so rich. The fish tacos are very good too as is the hanger steak. Word of "caution" on the steak - the portion is gigantic. I was actually a little embarrassed when it came out because it was so much food. I have been known to have a big appetite but even so, it is easily something for 2 people to share.

          1. Has anyone had the fondue there?

            1. I just have to agree with everyone else- my favorite neighborhood place. Great happy hour and friendly service. My favs are the spinach dip and the fish tacos. My SO is obsessed with their mac and cheese (he literally dreams about it). Some other great items not mentioned are their Buffalo wings which have a tangy sauce and come with creamy gorganzola cheese for dipping and their garlic burger.

              I may have to go tonight now after writing all of this!

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                You all are the best! I'm SO EXCITED about trying this place, now! Thank you, thank you!

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                  I'm thinking of having my birthday happy hour here. What's the atmosphere like? Most of my crowd is used to hanging out in Irish pubs and is usually more concerned about the drink than the food (ie, they can get loud), so I don't want to feel like we're hanging at a restaurant bar and bothering people who are there to eat. Is that the case, or is the Happy Hour a fun time? I personally can't wait to try the spinach dip!

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                    Ever since I first wrote this post, I've become a huge fan of NH. Their happy hour specials rock and the food is solid. I think it would be the perf alternative to the typical Irish pub.


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                      Thanks so much! I think I've (finally) made up my mind!

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                        Just thought I would comment on my happy hour yesterday. It was fantastic. Everyone (especially Nikki the bartender) was incredibly friendly and took care of us from the minute we walked in the door. Nikki always seemed to sense when someone in my party needed a refill, she was incredibly attentive. All the food was great too. I would recommend it highly to anyone who asked. A really great night.

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                          Do they still do the Blue Grass Brunches? We stumbled upon one there once. The food was great and the music was incredible.

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                            Yes, according to the bartender they do.

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                            Would you say it was good as a birthday place? Thinking of going with six friends or so. Want something that is fun, with good food and drinks that isn't too expensive...

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                              It's where we had my birthday so yes, absolutely. Just get there at 5 when they open to get a good part of the bar, or a table in the front.