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Jul 30, 2007 06:48 PM

Flurt Frozen Yogurt

I'm a huge fro yo fan. I love Bloomingdales and Pinkberry. I know it has been a controversial topic on here. Has anyone tried the brand new yogurt place called Flurt on 3rd Ave & the low 20s?

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  1. I went there yesterday and found it to be very similar to Pinkberry. The look, the taste, the toppings....reminds me of Pinkberry. Flurt only has plain yogurt (no green tea flavor). Because it's fat free, it's a little less creamy than the Frogurt at 40 Carrots in Bloomingdale's (which is still my favorite). I was asking the owner about it and he assured me that it is yogurt--cultures and all. It's not my favorite, but I'll still go there because it's in my neighborhood. In addition to fruit, toppings include Cocoa Krispies and Captain Crunch cereals. They also make smoothies.

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      Do they have carob chips? I'm really into them at Pinkberry.

    2. I tried it, and I really liked it. It's very tangy, for lack of a better word. It tastes like someone took plain yogurt, added some sugar, and threw it in the freezer. I loved it, but I'm not sure it would be to everyone's taste. Can't compare to Pinkberry or Bloomingdales, as I've never tried them.

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        Does it taste anything like yogurt-flavoured gelato? I had it all the time in Italy but I can't find it anywhere here.

        1. re: piccola

          Grom on the UWS has yogurt flavored gelato.

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            I guess it's worth braving the Grom anti-hype, then. I do love that yogurt gelato.

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            Ciao Bella has something called Lebanese Yogurt Sherbert, which is I think what you are talking about. It's really good.

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              I was wondering where you get the Ciao Bella Yogurt Sherbert?


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                There's a Ciao Bella in Grand Central Station, which has it. I've also had it at the Ciao Bella between Madison and 5th avenues on 92nd st.

            2. re: piccola

              YES! That's exactly what this tastes like. I just spent 6 months in Italy and the only type of frozen yogurt I could find was literally...yogurt that was frozen. I felt Flurt was even better than Pinkberry because it had a creamier texture. Pinkberry had more of a italian ice feel to it for me.

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                Just went to the Il Laboratorio counter in Whole Foods and they have a Greek Yogurt flavor. It's quite good and tangy.

                1. re: kathryn

                  ooooh! Great! Gives me an excuse to hit the mega-WF too!

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                  Have you tried Yolato? It's gelato made from yogurt, so I guess you could call it gelato-flavored yogurt ;-) 2 of their flavors are yogurt, plain and blackberry.

              2. Hmm...I've never had Flurt but Bloomie's is my absolute favorite. Have you guys tried "Yolato"? It has both plain flavored soft-serve frozen yogurt as well as yogurt-based gelatos (in tens of flavors). It is absolutely delicious. There's one on the corner of 27th and 7th and a few others throughout the city. Give it a try!

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                  Oops, just replied to the above post before seeing yours. I'm a fan of Yolato too - especially since I have GERD and regular gelato and ice cream are off limits for me. Love the blackberry yogurt flavor.

                2. I went to Flurt last night and absolutely loved it! I recommend you give it a try. I actually think it tastes better than pinkberry and bloomingdales. They offer so many toppings that i didn't know what combination to try, so the girl behind the counter recommended blueberries, banana, and captain crunch cereal - the combo rocked!! As soon as i finished it, i wanted more. I will definitely go back to Flurt!

                  1. I also have found flurt to be a good alternative to Bloomingdale's, albeit different. As noted above, it's not quite as creamy-I found it to taste a bit more like actual plain yogurt does when you have to stir it all together once it has separated, but still altogether a very pleasant taste. It's also relatively reasonable pricing and their fruit toppings all look very good. It's nice to have additional options in an area without any yogurt/gelato places nearby!

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                    1. re: orthorunner

                      Tried Flurt last night and LOVED it. I think it's better than Pinkberry too. I had it with pineapple, coconut, and mangos. What an amazing snack! I may have to go back tonight.

                      1. re: jackieparis

                        my husband and i tried flurt a few nights ago and loved it as well! we liked it MUCH better than pinkberry -- didn't care much for the yogurt flavor there and the fruit toppings we got were so sour it bordered on being inedible. the blueberry & pineapple fruit toppings we had at flurt were really sweet and delicious (we also had raspberries that were not as sweet but still very good). so glad that it's in the neighborhood!