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Jul 30, 2007 06:35 PM

W. Village hot fudge sundae - takeout

Just wanting a place and sundae comparable to Ben and Jerry's on 3d Ave, but in the W. Village - or lower Chelsea (say to 20th Street).


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  1. Mary's Dairy on W 4th puts out some great sundaes. It's west of Sixth Ave, across the street and west from Las Ramblas.

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      I recently had a warm brownie sundae there... it was huge and delicious. However, the woman working there kept asking every step of the way if I wanted this sundae made as described, acting like I was asking for something extra every time (do you want the brownie heated up? do you want chocolate sauce?). anyway, it was great, and I'm feeling sad now about just having moved off of Jones Street :(