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Jul 30, 2007 05:57 PM

Searching for twin of NY's Etats Unis in Chicago

In Chicago for 2 nights (Aug 4-6). Searching for a twin restaurant for New York's Etats Unis or Salt, Montreal's Brunoise (or Toronto's Czehoski, kind of...)

Small un-pretentious resto with top quality new-american fare. Off the path.

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  1. Never heard of 'em.

    > Small un-pretentious resto with top quality new-american fare. Off the path.

    Sounds like Sweets and Savories.

    1. Much prefer Scylla, which I believe to be firmly the equal of Etats Unis (even a bit nicer and slightly less expensive to boot). Sadly, it is slated to close at the end of August. It feels like a real loss to the Chicago dining scene as Scylla met the need for a high quality, comfortable, neighborhood spot at a relatively reasonable price. Would suggest you get there while you can.

      1. I second Sweets and Savories. I'm unfamiliar with Etats Unis, however, SnS sounds like it would fit the bill. As for Scylla...I haven't had the opportunity to try it, but it's been well-regarded *and* beset by changeups and whatnot: a friend visited us a few months ago and we treated him to Spring(which sucked) whereas the next night he dined at Scylla and loved it(this predates the new menu).

        IMO: Sweets and Savories is the leader of the pack in Chicago's(probably by now fading away) boutique restaurant scene...they offer large portions of French-influenced food at a very reasonable price---60+pp w/o alcohol for 7-9 courses...
        chef's tasting menu...

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          Just one minor clarification (which should not detract from the recommendation). The prices at S&S vary, and are not always less than elsewhere. The tasting menu can be a relative bargain (although the tasting menu at other places tends to be priced a lot more than their other offerings), and they offer certain value specials during the week. But in other cases, you can spend as much as you would at more well-known restaurants like one sixtyblue and Blackbird. For example, we ate at S&S in April and ordered a la carte, and our group paid $90 per person, including tax/tip, but virtually no alcohol (I think there were two glasses of wine for the entire table). I'm not saying it's overpriced (it isn't) and I'm not saying *some* menu items aren't bargains (they are). It's just not universally so.

          And it meets the description stated by the OP.