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Jul 30, 2007 05:48 PM

Birthday dinner party

Does anyone know a good place to have a dinner party? preferably in the los feliz , silver lake area, maybe pasadena. Everyone invited is 17 and we'll be chaperoned by my parents. Im going to invite about 15-25 people.

I also want a place where they let us play music, but that might be far fetched.

Im also open to other things than a dinner party =)

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  1. Cliff's Edge in Silverlake has a great outdoor patio, and could probably accomodate that number. Not sure about the playing music part. You might want to consider someplace that has a private could select the music for the space.

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      1. Hi Folks-

        Just a friendly reminder, this is Chowhound, posts not focussing on the food will be removed.

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        1. What kind of food are you hankering for, and how much will the parental units pay per person?

          Do you want fancy, or fun, or both?

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          1. re: Diana

            probably not more than 30 per person

            im not really going for 'fancy' just fun =)

          2. The thai restaurant that is on the second level of the Thai Plaza. It used to be called Jinda Thai. It's on Hollywood Blvd and east of Western Avenue. I've had a party of 20 there and they have live thai music. Sometimes they'll even have an Elvis impersonator, maybe they'll let you sing on stage too. Parking is available in the Thai Plaza and is free. The entrees range from 9 to 14/plate, depending on the entree.

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            1. re: yinyang

              Thank you! I'll try to look it up with google maps or something