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Jul 30, 2007 05:28 PM

Thanksgiving in Volcano, HI?

Any recs for a great Thanksgiving dinner for two, within, say, an hour's drive of Volcano? Doesn't have to be turkey, just a good, fun, celebratory meal.

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Kilauea Lodge.

    Avoid the Volcano House.

    There are a few comments on both these places within the past month in this section. But for me, there just isn't any place else like Kilauea Lodge.

    1. Kilauea Lodge is a good bet, porbably your only good restaurant option. However, there is a great caterer in the area, who'se name escapes me, but many of the B+B's can contact them for a gourmet lunch or dinner delivered to you...not cheap, but very romantic and delicious. The same folks usually show up at the Volcano Farmer's Market on Sunday mornings...get there early, as they start to sell out of the good stuff by 8 am. The farmer's market is a must stop anyway, and that is a big weekend, with the famous Studio Art Sales all over the area.

      If your lodgings can't supply the name of the caterers, try asking Peter and Kathleen Golden at Volcano Rainforest Retreat... Best to reserve ahead for either caterer or Lodge...that is a busy busy time for that little village.