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Jul 30, 2007 05:25 PM

Birthday Dinner recs in Union County?

We're taking my Mom (who lives in Union County) to dinner for her birthday on Sunday and our first two choices...David Drake and Chez Catherine...are closed on Sunday.

Can anyone recommend a really nice restaurant? Thanks much!

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  1. Martini - Although I've never been, why not try Lorena's in Maplewood (not Union County per se but close enough). RGR seems to rave about the place and it is in fact open for dinner on Sundays (don't hesitate to mention her name if you can't get a reservation as I'm sure she has her own table :). BTW, Happy Birthday to your Mom.

    1. I love Le Rendez-vous in Kenilworth. They are open sundays for dinner. website is

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        Tommaso's in Kenilworth? Looks like a nice place, good menu too!

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          For an intimate old-world French experience try Souffle in Summit (BYOB). The food can be uneven (once got served funky fish), but it is a nice place for an intimate celebration. We have thrown great raucous bday dinners at Huntley Tavern in Summit and Trap Rock Brewery in Berk. Heights, though they are several notches down the fineness scale from Chez K. and DD. Also, what about the Stage House Inn in Scotch Plains? I've never eaten there, but I heard that it is fine. Another nearby choice (to Summit/Union) is Serenade in Chatham.

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            The StageHouse is great, a couple of hounds have shot it down recently but we truly enjoyed our meal, service and ambience last winter.

      2. Read my recent review on Lorena's. Check to see if they are, in fact, open on Sunday. The place is DIVINE!

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          I didn't call to confirm however from their website: "Open for dinner only - Wednesday through Sunday 5pm-10pm ... As of August 7th, 2007 Lorena's will be open Tuesday thru Sunday ".

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            That information is correct. They've always been open on Sunday, closed Monday and Tuesday. However, Lorena told us several weeks ago that due to many requests, they decided to open on Tuesdays. More opportunities for people to enjoy Humberto's sensational cuisine. :-)

        2. Thanks, everyone...all of these recs look excellent! :) One small issue, so I have to keep looking...Mom wants to eat early in the afternoon, as most seniors often do. <sigh>

          I wonder if I'll follow in her footsteps one day...although I suspect an early afternoon dinner would interfere with the cocktail hour. lol