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Jul 30, 2007 04:41 PM

Chowhound Challenge!

Hi all,

I need to throw an event for 125 people, most of whom are between the ages of 21 and 25. Does anyone have any suggestions for a fun yet classy location that i could take them that costs about $75 per person for an open bar for 2 hours and hour d'ourves?

thanks so much!!

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  1. Nicole's on 60th btw 5th and Madison.

    1. I went searching for a venue for the same a while back. I found Highline had the most reasonable prices and were willing to bargain down with me so I saved a good amount of money. 5 Ninth was also decent with a nice room downstairs. I found that frat bars, the type that serve nachos and attract the Murray Hill crowd, were the most willing to work with me in having a fun booze fest, but in the end Highline's food and pricing were the best of the lot.

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        Ask to speak with Avellino at Nino's Positano (212-355-5540) bet. 47 & 48 & 2nd.
        I once ran a dinner for 30 there and they did a beautiful job and pricing was fair.

        Another fine choice would be Crispo.

      2. I had a party a few years back at Dip on Lexington in the 30s. It was much smaller than you are looking for, but the drinks were good and fondu is a great way to go for a group.

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          I did the same a few years back and had a great experience with DIP. I would rec as well. Don't know if she is still there but the woman who worked with us was named Flo and she was very good.

        2. I have no idea about the pricing, but you may want to look into a place like Dos Caminos in midtown. The place is enormous, and they may be able to accomodate your request. It's fun. Decor is classy. Food is only okay. But if you're just doing drinks and apps, i'm not sure if it matters.

          1. A friend recently had a large party at Ruby Foo's on 77th Street. While I was not a big fan of their fusion food, the party turned out to be much better than I expected. They had a open bar for drinks, a station for food like ribs and chicken and fried rice and salad, and they kept bringing out hor dovurvres like lobster spring rolls, sushi, and beef skewers during the whole party. They even had petite desserts afterwards.

            Authenticity aside, the food was fine. More importantly, I was very surprised by the great service that they provided. The staff were great and fast to fulfill your requests (more beer, more cokes, anything). I used to think of this place as a tourist trap, but was pleasantly surprised by this experience.

            I know they charge a flat rate, so I think you can probably negotiate a price that fits with your budget. The place does quite upscale actually, and should be fun for the groups that you are entertaining.

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              I'm not sure of the prices, but I went to an event at Public on Elizabeth Street - it was a dazzler.