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Jul 30, 2007 04:32 PM

Freezing chocolate crackle cookies

Hi there--
I just made a batch of chocolate crackle cookies -- the ones rolled in confectioner's sugar before they are baked. It's my first time making them -- very yummy, if I do say so myselft -- but I didn't know if they freeze well. Does anyone know? I'm afraid that the sugary outside will get moist and gluey. Anyone have any experience with these cookies? Thanks!

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  1. My grandmother always froze these cookies... they were just as good right out of the freezer. I don't know what would happen if they sat for an hour or two, since they always disappeared soon after "freezer-removal."

    1. If they're eaten straight out of the freezer they're fine. If you let them thaw, then they tend to get sticky (you could try re-dipping them in the powdered sugar, I guess) and really crumbly an gluey.

      I seem to recall my step-mother freezing them after baking/cooling, but before rolling in powdered sugar - I think that she froze them on cookie sheets/cooling racks and then wrapped them individually. Or maybe she wrapped them individually and then froze them - basically trying to keep out the moisture to keep the ice crystals at bay.

      Here, I usually store them at room temp. in tubs with waxed paper between the layers. From my seven years in Florida, I learned that moisture/humidity and chocolate crackles just doesn't work well.

      1. I've never had a problem freezing them. It's true that they often disappear before defrosting fully... but I have had good luck defrosting in the sealed container that they were frozen in (without opening)

        1. Freezing is fine... let cool, wrap in foil, then plastic wrap, then foil, then tupperware!