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Jul 30, 2007 04:19 PM

Chow Near Cornet Theater on La Cienega?

Nine of us are headed to see Eddie Izzard at the Cornet Theater (366 N. La Cienega) and are wondering if there is any chow nearby. Casual is good, price not an issue, ethnic is good -- we are open to all suggestions.

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  1. If you want something within walking distance, there are not that many options (not good ones anyway). Sona is right across the street - people rave about it, but I thought it was decent and overpriced. There's another place across the street that seems to change names and/or ownership every few months. Last time I drove by, it was a Thai restaurant. If you're willing to drive, there are plenty of options on Beverly Blvd (about a mile away) - BLD, Hatfield's, Grace.

    1. Mishima at Third and La Cienega has good Japanese noodles, salads, etc., very reasonable. In the same minimall is Holy Cow, a very casual Indian spot owned by the people who own Surya.
      Up the other way is Vito's Pizza, much loved and discussed on this board.

      1. Lucques is around the corner on Melrose.

        1. Well, on 3rd Street east of La Cienega, Joans on Third and Little Next Door could also be practical, especially since curtain time and parking will be issues to contend with.
          Real Food Daily if vegetarian is of interest, Acapulco across the street, plus Sona and Norm's are about the only places in that food bereft corridor - no qualitative issues need further discussion!!!
          Domenic's or Jerry's Deli on Beverly just a little west of La Cienega, yet both would a relocation of a car as would Orso on 3rd St. just west of La Cienega, which has good food and a lovely patio for early evening dining.

          1. In addition to the above, Yabu, Kings Road Cafe, Hirozen, and Cafe Veneto are all nearby as well.