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Jul 30, 2007 03:54 PM

Breakfast with a view/ambience in Sydney

Our good friend's son is turning 21 Wed week (8 Aug) and she's invited us to breakfast with them. He's currently studying at Uni of NSW and she lives near Byron Bay. Being sydneysiders she's asked us to find a suitable venue.

We are hoping to find something in or around the city area with a view or good ambience.

Can anyone give us some suggestions?

Thank you.

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  1. does it have to be in the city? is bronte or bondi or balmoral too far out of the city?
    what kind of budget are you thinking of?

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    1. re: kmh

      It doens't have to be in the city. We have no particular budget in mind. I suppose as long as it is not over the moon. Someone suggests Swell(s) to us. Have you been there? Has it got a good outlook? Your input is much appreciated.

      Thank you, kmh

      1. re: aussiechinoiseinparis

        I haven't been to swell.
        A great place for breakfast with a great outlook is bathers pavillion at balmoral. if you are not dependent on public transport. whilst the food at awaba (across the road) is possibly better bathers opens right onto the esplanade of one of sydney's harbour beaches on the northside and is certainly a nice place for a special breakfast.

        now that hugo's at bondi has gone i am not sure where to recommend for breakfast on that side of town - i believe the cafes at bronte and clovelly get a great report although i haven't been that way for a little while so someone else comment on that.

        a great sydney breakfast can be had at danks st depot in waterloo, but there is no scenery etc. - just an inner city suburb in the process of converting itself from industrial to urban chic. Jared Ingersoll - the chef there, is certainly the man of the moment!

        More to the point, if this is breakfast for a guy turning 21 do we know what he likes?

        1. re: kmh

          Thanks for your suggestions. He's a very easygoing guy. We just want to take him somewhere nice.

          1. re: aussiechinoiseinparis

            bathers is nice. danks street depot is a bit more edgey.

    2. Bronte - perfect for UNSW, and a row of lovely cafes, Bogey Hole my fav, perfect for the quinessential Sydney breakfast! and close by to the cliff walk for a stroll to walk off the breakie.

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      1. re: katea

        I think we'll probably try either Bronte cafes or Bathers. Will leave to the mother to have the final say. Thanks all for your input.

      2. can;t believe it, but in the smh good living this week was a breakfast review

        sorry i didn't see it before wednesday for you. hope you had a great time anyway