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Jul 30, 2007 03:47 PM

Need Something Non-Sugary for Out of Town Bags [moved from San Francisco board]

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a non-sugary snack (we already have a ton of them) for a wedding out of town gift bag.

We were hoping for something sort of local-inspired (if possible - I'll take non local-inspired ideas, too) like sourdough chips. But if those exist we certainly haven't found them anywhere. We'd like to not spend a lot - something we can buy a big bag of and put it into smaller bags would be great. Also, something please without too many nuts. Despite the nut content, if we don't find anything else we're probably going to the Trader Joe's trail mix.


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  1. What about sesame chips?

    1. They may be too delicate for travel, but I love those parmesean twists (also cheddar, etc) that are really crisp filo-esque breadsticks.

      Maybe sourdough pretzels? They will hold up pretty well.

      1. Have-A Chips are produced in Southern California. There's that great Glad Corn (half popped popcorn, satisfying and crunch). Not local but interesting. Both are available at Rainbow among other places.

        I wonder what the smallest size Molinari salami there is.

        I'm coming up blank as most of the local suggestions I want to give you are nuts or dried fruits. I'll come back if I can think of more.

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        1. re: Fig Newton

          Dried fruits are okay. And I'm willing to hear nut suggestions!

          Thanks for the suggestion!

          1. re: katya

            Some of the farmers do pretty good dried fruits. My favorites are Everything Under the Sun (FPFM), Ella Bella (FPFM) and Full Belly often has some interesting choices (Berkeley on Tues, San Rafael on Thurs). Also, I think maybe Riverdog but I can't be positive.

            I am in love with the pistachio man's pistachio's (not his real name - ha). He goes to Berkeley on Saturdays and San Rafael on Sundays. I've had good success with buying several pounds for parties and just putting out a huge bowl of them.

            The apple guy at the Berkeley market sells very small bottles of apple juice. I'm not sure of their cost.

            My favorite snack lately has been seaweed combined with almonds (I usually combine it myself -- seaweed from the Berkeley or San Rafael market and almonds from Rainbow, though the seaweed vendor at Berkeley combines it as well). I'm sure you're laughing now though because that suggestion is so ... California. And I can't imagine serving it to my guests. But it's delicious.

            When I did a "local food" basket for people a couple years ago, I also included Cafe Fanny granola, and then some things that are good for cooking (smoked red onions from Tierra, dried shiitakes from Far West Fungi, lavender salt from Eatwell, etc).

            1. re: katya

              For dried fruit, I LOVE dried persimmons... so unique and lovely.

              What about a grain and/or dried rice combo, like using Black Forbidden Rice along with more exotic beans or grains...?

          2. How about Snyder's pretzel bites? My favorite is honey mustard.

            1. How about wasabi green peas?