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Jul 30, 2007 03:43 PM

Korean BBQ for a large party (~12-14) that takes reservations?

Hello all,

While I like to consider myself pretty adept at navigating in Koreatown, I have a specific request for you Chowhounds!

It's my last week at my current company (very bittersweet feeling) and we're all planning on hitting a Korean BBQ spot in K-town after work. Everyone's pretty well-versed in Korean BBQ so hopefully I won't have to deal with any surprises, but I'm the only Korean in the party.

I'm looking for something delicious that won't break the bank (I'm thinking around $20-25pp max) and is accessible to newbies as well as connoisseurs.

Any thoughts? Your help is greatly appreciated. By the way, this would be for Thursday night, if that matters at all.


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  1. mu dung san. they have a private room that can accomodate at least 20 people.

    $15.99 for ayce kbbq.

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      1. re: donnival

        manna = pinto
        mu dung san = mustang

        manna is dirty, meat quality is subpar and the service is atrocious

        mu dung san is CLEAN, has much higher quality meat and the service is pretty darn good.

    1. I know that Honey Pig on 8th takes reservations but when I made one for a Saturday night they gave my table away to another large party.

      For that reason and others, I am not too crazy about Honey Pig but if the reservation dynamic is important to you it might work out for you.

      Sa Rit Gol has a private room and it's a much better restaurant.

      1. I think Tahoe Galbi takes reservations and I think it's $20.00/person.

        1. cham sut gol is all you can eat for $17. great service and 4 different kinds of meat, right on your grill.

          1. Too ... many ... choices ...

            Thanks all!