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What to do with mint?

I have a big bunch of leftover mint. Any cool ideas on how to use it up?

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  1. Awesome in chicken soup.

    There is a peruvian mint based condiment called hacutay (sp).

    In fruit salads.

    Many mint and chicken dishes

    1. tea - boil a few generous handfuls of mint leaves in a quart of water for 30 mins or so (I add a few slices of fresh ginger for some heat) - I keep it in the refrigerator, drink cold or hot

      1. I've been putting it in tomato salad, or any salad really.
        Mojitos of course!
        It's also a great excuse to whip up some hummus or baba ganouj, that type of thing.
        Great in marinades.
        What's left at the end of the summer, I put in a paper bag to dry and use all winter too.

        1. It's good with peas, in a soup or a salad.

          Also good with roasted beets, cooled and sliced, then add toasted walnuts and some pungent cheese, feta or blue are both good.

          1. my mother in law makes a hybrid lemonade iced tea heavily infused with mint. It is an especially refreshing drink on a hot day.

            1. The classic: tabbouli. Mojitos. Ice cream, using an intense infusion.

              1. Really tasty in a gin and tonic. Of course there are mint juleps too.

                1. I put mint in my lamb burgers - they are very tasty! I also mada a bbq glaze this past weekend that called for mint. Moroccan Mint tea is the BEST!

                  1. Mint and pea puree (peas, mint, heavy cream, butter [fresh nutmeg maybe] food processed). Spread as a base on plate and serve lamb chops on top. Wonderful!

                    1. Any Thai curry or noodle dish would be good with mint. Chutney with cilantro (Indian chutney, not the sweet kind). Vietnamese salad rolls or spring rolls.

                      1. Two ideas for you:
                        1. Salad. Cucumbers, sweet (Vidalia?) onions, mayo or sour cream and lemon juice (just a bit). And chopped fresh mint. The whole thing takes on a really refreshing sweetness.

                        2. Apple cider from the green market, seltzer, lime (squeeze some juice in there) and mint. Mmmmm.

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                          Chop it up with finely minced shallots and mix it into olive oil with some salt - great as a topping for grilled chicken. Probably tastes good with other meats/fish too.

                        2. If you have a juicer, mint and cucumber juice is a fantastic summer combo. I also like a chiffonade of mint leaves in greek salads where it fits right in with all the assertive flavors. Tabouli is a classic and tomatoes are great right now, so that's a no brainer. You could also put it in fattoush.

                          1. I like to make cucumber raita for a snack when I come home from work. Just combine one cup yogurt, a peeled, seeded, and shredded cucumber, and two tablespoons of chopped mint. Add salt and pepper to taste and, if you like, cumin and cayenne pepper (also to taste).

                            1. Stir into Yoghourt, gently salt, add garlic to taste. This sauce goes well with salad, meat. If you combine it with grated carrots and probably kohlrabi, the result is great on new potatoes as a simple yet tasty meal.

                              1. mint pesto.. make as you would basil pesto..but with peanuts and sesame oil instead of olive oil and pine nuts...delicous over grilled shrimp