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Jul 30, 2007 03:37 PM

What to do with mint?

I have a big bunch of leftover mint. Any cool ideas on how to use it up?

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  1. Awesome in chicken soup.

    There is a peruvian mint based condiment called hacutay (sp).

    In fruit salads.

    Many mint and chicken dishes

    1. tea - boil a few generous handfuls of mint leaves in a quart of water for 30 mins or so (I add a few slices of fresh ginger for some heat) - I keep it in the refrigerator, drink cold or hot

      1. I've been putting it in tomato salad, or any salad really.
        Mojitos of course!
        It's also a great excuse to whip up some hummus or baba ganouj, that type of thing.
        Great in marinades.
        What's left at the end of the summer, I put in a paper bag to dry and use all winter too.

        1. It's good with peas, in a soup or a salad.

          Also good with roasted beets, cooled and sliced, then add toasted walnuts and some pungent cheese, feta or blue are both good.

          1. my mother in law makes a hybrid lemonade iced tea heavily infused with mint. It is an especially refreshing drink on a hot day.