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Jul 30, 2007 03:29 PM

Review of the new Harry's Mpls

I had to check out the new Harry's that Steven Brown is cooking for now. I had a Summer
Goddess salad which was excellent, which had a very nice creamy homemade green goddess dressing on a plateful of romaine chopped to a good size , and some avocado
sliced on top. For $9 or so, it was a nice size, filled up an entree plate. Loved their
house-made bread& butter pickles that come with every meal. And absolutely loved
the farro and beets dish that came from their creative list of vegetable sides. It had a
lovely buttery sauce that didn't overpower the rest of it. I asked for no extra salt and the
very friendly waitress wrote a note on the order to that effect, and nothing was salted!
Yay! I also appreciate that they don't give people bread, since I am watching the carbs
and am helpless when given a bread basket. I did look at their dessert menu and found
it to be kind of over the top with extreme desserts, including their chocolate banana cream
pie that sounds like it's more like a chocolate overload with a few bananas thrown in. The
bananas are roasted, which would add sweetness, not the best choice in my opinion. I
am a banana cream pie lover but I'd only want an accent of chocolate added to a good
banana cream pie , and definitely raw banana slices, or baked ones in the pie, not roasted
ones unless they were an accent on top or something. So , although I'm not thrilled with
their dessert menu I'm definitely recommending the place and going back to try more of
the menu, like the walleye sandwich. Loved the room as well, very nicely done with several
seating areas, very spacious place. They have a 'Wisconsin fish fry' on their menu on Fridays, which is apparently unlimited fried perch with french fries for $16 , for the fish fry hunters out there.

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  1. faith, thank you for going to harry's & posting the review. i am so curious about harry's but i don't know what occasion would prompt me to go--yet! all info very much appreciated! i admit that the veggie sides that you describe may be the tipping point though. i'm just worried i'll hold this place to unreasonably high standards. thanks again.

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    1. re: soupkitten

      Just curious soupkitten, why would you be worried that you'd be holding the place
      to unreasonably high standards? Because Steven Brown is there? I have to say I
      wasn't really a devotee of Levain, went once and wasn't thrilled, food seemed too
      fussy, room too dark to see the food, felt kind of lost in the crowd eating by myself.
      I like Harry's in that it has a more down-to-earth menu (except for the desserts),
      with more affordable prices, and the food came up to my own, very picky in a way,
      standards. The flavors were subtle but not bland, very nicely balanced. Not for those
      who insist on extreme spicing though. They did say that this menu is just for starters, it's the same for lunch and dinner, and they will be moving to multiple menus at some point.

      1. re: faith

        yeah i guess i'd expect really great food out of harry's because of steven brown. it will be interesting to see the take on comfort food classics and old-school recipes made new again for sure. i looked at the website but it isn't really up yet. i don't really do burgers, which is what people are talking about with harry's so far--wouldn't make me want to go there, though-- so i liked reading your review of a salad, some veggie sides and desserts.

    2. I've sort of been out of the loop and then out of town for the last little while. faith, and others that have been there, am I sensing a bit of Town Talk Diner's m.o. (approachable, familiar food with a higher-scale twist and a few upscale menu options sprinkled in) with what Brown is doing at Harry's?

      From the bits I've read here and there, that seems to be the target market which I think is good. (I also get that sense about Michael Morse's Landmarc Grill but maybe with less of the burger and fries availability).

      1. I was there for lunch about two weeks ago, they were obviously still working out the kinks.
        Not a whole lot of the usual lunch options, which was what I was looking for. There were burgers and a walleye sandwich, and that was it. No soft shell po' boy which had been mentioned in various places. Our server told us that the salads were more like side salads, not large enough for a meal and the entrees sounded interesting but stared at $20 or so which was too much for me to spend on lunch. Additionally, the service was SLOW. I hope that things improve, and that the shoestring fries get thicker. They're hard to eat...I had the Lonely Repairman Burger which, despite the fact that Mr. Brown was in the kitchen, was overcooked. I'd probably give the place another chance, but not for a few more weeks. I'd also hope that they get their website up and running soon, a big no-no with a new restaurant.

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        1. re: sullysully

          I'm a long-time lurker on these boards, first time poster. I had dinner at Harry's this evening. The food wasn't well described - fried artichokes was actually a creamy artichoke dip. It was good, but not really what I was hoping for. Service was pretty slow (and the place was about half full, with lots of staff standing around the kitchen area). The burger ordered was undercooked (med.well burger was closer to med. rare). The location is good and the outside seating looked good, so I'd probably give it one more shot.

          1. re: fromtheD

            Welcome! And thank you for your comments here--it's fantastic to have many perspectives.


        2. We had dinner there on Wednesday pre-Guthrie. A big crowd with a wide mix of ages. My husband had a burger, which he enjoyed. I had the grilled Caesar salad, which is terrific, although I would have appreciated a few lemon wedges to squeeze on. The dressing is very anchovy-y, which I like, but not sharp enough for me. The accompanying toasts were stone cold. I had a too-die-for side of creamed corn; clearly the corn was right off the cob and added at the last minute into the cream. They also pour a good sized drink, but who puts an olive in a gimlet?

          1. We went to Harry's last night for dinner around 9pm. The bar was semi full and only a couple of tables left having food. We had the calamari and the pork belly to start. Both quite good. Pork belly was actually really good. definatly gonna have that again. We also split the Dara burger. This was probably the first time i didnt add any ketchup to a burger. it was really good. great tasting, juicy beef. nice bun. toppings were delicious. The fries were also tasty. Definately want to check it out again. Steven Brown must have already gone home for the night cause he was not seen in the kitchen. But his staff knows what to do with out him and put out quality food.