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Jul 30, 2007 03:19 PM

Alive & Kickin': Lobster Sandwich

Hey y'all, I'm really craving some sweet, sweet lobster flesh. Neptune's buttery hot lobster roll on grilled brioche is a little out of my price range (and slightly hard for me to get to) so I was wondering what Alive & Kickin's lobster sandwich is like. Has anyone had it recently?

Does it contain the hot buttered lobster, or is it the cold celery-laced lobster salad, which I dislike? What kind of bread is it on?

Would you hounds be able to provide a good description and whether it's worth it?

Praaav (craving zoidberg)

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  1. Alive & Kicking has a lobster sandwich, not a lobster roll. The filling is chopped up lobster meat and mayo in the form of a chunky spread. It comes on thickly sliced buttered and toasted bread. It is very good and a deal at under $15.

    1. Yes, as Gabatta said, it's a yummy lobster sandwich, not a lobster roll. So don't be lookin' for butter. I think it's on toasted Scali bread. It was about $13 when I was there a couple of weeks ago. I like the people there. Seems to be family run, and they're always pleasant despite the busy pace. Maybe they thrive on it. I consider that place one major benefit of living in Cambridge. Do try it.

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        When we had the Alive & Kicking lobster sandwich a few weeks ago it was on artisan bread like you would make at home. Not Scali. It was deelish, though! Go for it.

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          That's weird, I've only seen it on supermarket-type scali bread, buttered and toasted.

      2. The bread is heavily buttered and toasted, but not the lobster.

        It's a favorite of mine.

        1. I got it once before and thought the portion of lobster was pretty darn skimpy for the price. But my needle could be off.

          1. Yeah, I may be skippin' it for now, as I'm not a huge fan of the cold / mayonaise-y stuff.

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              Have you been to Rachel's Kitchen? (Fridays only)

              1. re: Alcachofa

                Yeah, the Rachel's Kitchen version sounds like what you're looking for.

                And if you ever feel like giving the cold lobster w/mayo version a try again, check out Belle Isle in Winthrop. Excellent, just chunks o' lobster with very slight mayo piled on top of a hot dog bun (i think it's toasted.) for around 16 bucks. They say there's a 1/2 lb of lobster meat in there, I wouldn't argue, certainly seemed like a LOT.

                1. re: twentyoystahs

                  I keep meaning to check that out and I've been craving a lobster roll lately. Maybe this weekend is the weekend!