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Review - Il Corso (19 West 55th St, 212 957 1500)

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Review - Il Corso (19 West 55th St, 212 957 1500)

We had a group dinner here last week and I was very impressed. The restaurant is small, and the tables fairly closely spaced, and their seems to be a constantly flow of visitors clamoring for a table, usually to be disappointed. But the food was excellent, and if the chef was somewhat more enterprising he too would be on FoodTV.

I started with a pear salad which had walnuts and blue cheese. Excellent and pretty good value at $9.

Then I had a half order of tagliatele with porcini, duck and truffle oil. It was unbelieveably good. Everything was in harmony with each other. I think this was $12.

For the main course I had the short ribs in a balsalmic sauce over mashed potatoes; again this was some of the best short ribs I've had. For $26 it was a bit fancy priced for a low end cut of meat but it tasted great.

The service was also solid, attentive without being cloying. This is a place to revisit, especially as the weather gets colder.


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