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Jul 30, 2007 02:41 PM

lunch and afterwork drinks, far west soho

I work in soho, on the far west side and I'm at a loss. I would love suggestions for lunch places (delivery and for meetings) as well as places around there that would be appropriate for drinks/small plates in the evening. Thanks guys.

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  1. I haven't been to either, although both have been on my list as I live relatively close by: Pintxos (Greenwich at Spring) and Turks&Frogs (Greenwich at Watts / Desbrosses - which is closer to Tribeca.) I've heard relatively good things about both and they both fit your bill for the after work drinks / small plates deal.

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      Pintxos is great for lunch. Affordable and delicious salads and sandwiches. The other side of the menu is Mexican plates (I believe), which I haven't tried. The place is great for a leisurely lunch as the service is a little slow, but the staff is very friendly and honest. They have great deals on wine by the glass too.

      As for takeout, I would recommend Giorgione 508. (Which is right next door to Pintxos). You can do a quick casual lunch there, take out, or delivery. The other Giorgione on Spring is great for business lunches. It's more expensive and formal and the food is excellent.

      In my opinion, skip Pao on the corner of Spring and Greenwich. The service is amazingly slow and my party of 5 all got stomach aches after lunch.

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        Am I the only person on Chowhound who had a great experience at Pao?
        BTW, Grey Dog's will deliver there, and there is also a small deli on Varick St, right below Houston that makes good home made food (the name skips my mind, it's across the post office, a little higher).

        1. re: nokitsch

          I think that might be Deb's Catering? I like their salad bar, and I've also been pleased with their catering operation.

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            You guys have been exceptionally helpful! thanks so much,