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"What's on your list today?"

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It's a catchy jingle for one of the local supermarkets here. As I make out my weekly grocery shopping list I was wondering what everyone else was buying.

Right now I have:
organic skim milk
green leaf lettuce
red peppers
chicken breasts
some sort of fresh fish or seafood (whatever is on sale or the monger recommends)

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  1. I shopped Saturday. Here's mine.

    cat fud
    green onion
    ground beef

    Some "Far Side" fans may understand the spelling of the pet product.

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    1. re: k_d

      OP must live in Fred Meyer country.

      Re "fud": that is (I Am Not Making This Up) a common brand name at the Mexican grocery I shop at in Storm Lake. Cheese, candy, various canned goods, all bearing the logo "FUD."

    2. Haha! I'm on the way to the grocery store so I'll reply
      Soy milk
      frozen blueberries (smoothies)
      reduced fat string cheese
      whatever veggies are on special at the latin supermarket
      chicken breasts or fish
      I've got a crop of tomatoes and a lot of frozen peaches from my tree, or I'd be buying some of those, too.

      1. Natural food co-op:
        cat food
        steel cut oaks

        whole wheat buns
        soy milk
        sharp cheddar
        red peppers
        purple onion

        1. I'll play.

          Jasmine rice
          garam masala
          salted butter
          salad greens
          red wine vinegar

          Nothing too exciting.

          1. i just wrote my list out last night:

            gyoza wrappers
            shiitake mushrooms
            tenderloin steak
            soba noodles
            hoisin sauce
            green onions

            1. Right now I am on my way to get:
              an orange
              and maybe sweet corn

              1. did the big shop already - this is just a touch up:

                grapefruit (I know they're out of season, but _someone_ in this house can't wait till winter)
                baby carrots (we go through almost a bag each day)
                1% milk
                BioBest organic skim yogurt
                whole-grain raisin bread from the local bakery (for toast)
                figs (as a treat, if they're available)

                also, a fun site: http://www.grocerylists.org/

                1. Did my mini-shop on Sunday - no meat, as there's enough in the freezer:

                  Apple and Fig cereal bars
                  Organic sugar
                  Canned tuna in olive oil
                  Canned tuna in water (I mix 1 can of each when I make tuna salad)
                  Presidente butter
                  cone coffee filters (which I didn't need, as I had 2 boxes in my pantry!)
                  Andouille chicken sausage
                  Romaine hearts
                  Red peppers

                  Cain's mayo
                  Yukon Gold potatoes
                  Organic Cow 1% milk
                  Thomas's English muffins
                  Whole grain oatmeal bread
                  Maple & Brown Sugar Frosted Mini Wheats (a friend said several of them are good for snacking!)

                  Canned cat food
                  Dry cat food (or crunchies at the critters know them)

                  1. Wow, you all make me look like a pig, haha. Will be grocery shopping tommorrow and started my list yesterday so I can add to it as things occur to me.
                    Chicken Breasts
                    Artichoke and Mozz.Chicken Sausages
                    Turkey Kielbasa
                    Swiss Cheese
                    FF Cream Cheese
                    Cranberry Juice
                    Berry Granola x 2
                    Whole Wheat Bagels
                    Grape Tomatoes
                    Green Beans
                    Salad Greens
                    Baby Carrots
                    Cucumber x 2
                    Fuji Apples
                    Mushrooms Portabella and Cremini
                    Frozen Broccoli
                    Choc. Ice Cream
                    Peppermint Carob Soy Delish
                    Pineapple Sherbet

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                    1. re: ArikaDawn

                      No, you're just doing a major shop, whereas I think most of us were doing a mini-shop. :-) When I'm setting up a list for a major, I've got at least 5-6 veggies on the list and assorted canned goods, bathroom items, etc. All of your stuff sounds healthy too! (unlike my Frosted Mini-Wheats. <vbg>)

                      1. re: LindaWhit

                        Yea, this is my major shop. I do it about every 2 1/2 weeks. It often lasts longer depending upon how many nights me and the SO go out. I literally HAVE to start my list a couple days in advance and keep it at my desk as I am constantly remembering things i need to get or finding things on CH I want to try. No shame in the Frosted Mini Wheats. Comparatively to a lot of snack foods they are healthy fare, haha. I understand the need for sweet. Notice the last four things on my list, 3 frozen desserts and candy =). I also have added cashew butter, brown rice krisps, and hummus in just the past hour. Gotta eat!

                    2. I'm just glad to see that someone else makes lists! Years of experience with small food budgets, long distances from grocery stores (1/2 hour ferry +1 hour's drive), picky eaters, etc have shaped my list-making process. I start by inventorying my fridge, cupboard, etc. Then I make a week's worth of menus, adding to my list as I add to the menu. The menus factor in such things as supermarket specials, meetings, children's activities, dinner invitations, preserving/pickling activities, sleepovers, guests, etc, in order to be sure that there's enough money to go around and that nothing is wasted.Sometimes I consult my children for list items (not often -- our house is not a democracy but a -- hopefully benevolent -- dictatorship).
                      My mother and sisters find this whole process endlessly entertaining -- they are of the "browse every day' school of grocery shopping, and they think I'm obsessive. I once made my husband return to the wharf from half-way across the Sound so I could get my list. (He was a good man -- I had just gotten him trained to the beauties of "the List" when he died).
                      Now I am ready to make my list. It being summer and hotter than it usually is in newfoundland, my list this week includes:

                      Plain yoghurt
                      fresh strawberries
                      cold cuts
                      Chedder cheese
                      spiced Gouda cheese
                      mozzerella cheese
                      Parmesan cheese
                      salad veggies
                      apple juice
                      ground beef
                      cat food
                      bread (our neighbourhood baker is back from his holidays on Saturday!)

                      I stick very closely to my list when I get to the store -- my children have always known that if it isn't on the list it doesn't go into the cart. it will be interesting to see if they approach grocery shopping in the same manner.

                      believe it or not, I love to go grocery shopping!

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                      1. re: mwright

                        I love grocery shopping as well! But my list making is way less involved than yours - probably because it's just me I'm feeding. However, my list format originates from my mother - she wrote things down on the page in the approximate order in which you find the items in the supermarket - so the produce all is in the upper left-hand corner, the baking items next, the canned goods and pasta next, along with drinks/water (which I don't buy).

                        Upper right-hand corner is drugstore-type items, then pet food/items, then paper goods, then frozen goods and dairy.

                        For meats, I write all of them in the middle of the page and circle them so I don't miss them. Same thing with special items - also make a note if something is BOGOF and put an asterisk next to any item for which I have a coupon. It's worked for me for 30 years. My sister thinks I'm nuts. But then again, I don't have anything missing from my pantry or fridge when I need it, whereas she and her husband often have to "run out" for something that was used up and not put on the list. :-)

                        And the list is created as I need it - if I use something up, or something is almost used up, it gets written on the list, which is kept on the phone stand table.

                        1. re: LindaWhit

                          I like your system and may have to borrow it.

                          I actually keep a list going in the kitchen so that as soon as you finish off the last of something it automatically goes on the list. Ideally I would take inventory like mwright, but usually find myself dashing off to the store after work.

                          I do use the rule with my husband that if he wants something to put it on the list or else I won't buy it. I do consider my list the starting point and am always open to in season special produce or fish. I'll be purposely vague sometimes and write "fish", or "fruit" because I don't know what will strike my fancy or be a great deal.

                      2. I shop twice a week - usually Sunday afternoon for staples for the upcoming week and household stuff (cleaning supplies, etc.), and then Wednesday to replenish the "fresh" food. And as today is Wednesday, here's my list:

                        Salad fixings, human (lettuces and add-ons)
                        Assorted mushrooms
                        Rabbit veg. (romaine, red leaf, green leaf, dandelion and turnip greens, cilantro, reg. parsley, Italian parsley)
                        Cavy veg. (romaine, cilantro, parsley, red bell pepper, kiwis, oranges)
                        French bread/baguette
                        Cheese (see what strikes my fancy, but something for sandwiches and something else for salad incorporation)
                        Fresh fish/seafood (see what looks good and what inspiration strikes)