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Jul 30, 2007 02:32 PM

Where to have lunch in Greenwich?

I'm meeting my Mom for lunch in Greenwich on Thursday. I have an appointment at the hospital so I'm thinking Putnam or Greenwich Ave locations would be best. The only place I can think of is That-A-Way cafe but I haven't really been to "the avenue" since I worked as a hostess at Dome about 10 years ago! . Mom can be a little picky (nothing too fishy or spicy) and i'll have my baby with me so carriage accessible/nothing too packed is a big plus!

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  1. On greenwich ave. Casual Lunch. Meli Melo is good.

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    1. re: scharffenberger

      Meli Melo is a good choice for salads, soups and crepes definitely. Love it there. However, it is tiny!! And VERY packed every if you have a stroller etc. it can be a pain...

      Rinas across the street isn't bad for Italian style cafe lunch...great paninis etc. and the lunchtime specials are pretty good too. It has more space too. I prefer it to thataway although thataway does have outdoor seating...

      1. re: SeoulQueen

        good tip. I love meli melo. And don't forget to get an ice cream after lunch. theirs are completely homemade and wonderful. hazelnut is my favorite there.

        If you sit by the window, you can leave your stroller outside. We used to do that all the time.

    2. Barcelona is on the post rd at the top of Greenwich Ave. They have tons of room for a stroller. Dome is now Gaia - they do an absolutely delicious lunch - it's two floors, but you should be able to fit a stroller with no problem on the first floor.

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      1. re: annemarie115

        Is Barcelona the same owners as the one in Sono?
        Also what is the menu like at Gaia? I'd be curious to see what they did with the place since Dome closed.

        1. re: SweetPea914

          Yup same owners as sono for barcelona. jfood loves the place in sono, never been to g'wich tho. gaia would be a little more upscale thatn barcelona and if the little one is not sleeping would cause a few more stares than in barcelona which is a little more lively.

          1. re: SweetPea914

            I was going to recommend Gaia too. I think the building is landmarked, so it probably hasn't changed since you worked there. Not busy at lunch, so they'd have room for a stroller. The $22 lunch prix fixe is a great deal. If you get the steak frites, they give you a mountain of excellent fries that could feed six.

        2. Thataway I would only recommend for the apple crisp. Which I would make the special trip for.

          Good luck at the hospital. One of my favorites too...

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          1. re: AnotherNYCkid

            their burgers are OK... if you get it with avocado, bacon and swiss.

            I've heard their fish and chips are very good. Have you ever tried them there?

            1. re: adamclyde

              I had the fish and chips at Thataway. I thought they were pretty good. It seems like it would be more kid-friendly than a lot of places in that area.

              1. re: shellyesq

                yes, which is why i ate there so often when I lived up the street. It was more kid friendly than the rest so I felt comfortable bringing my many little kids (and yes, there are many!).

                The outside courtyard is great since the street noise drowns out minor kid noise... Plus, the burgers satisfied my craving for a decent burger.

              2. re: adamclyde

                LOL..."their burgers are OK... if you get it with avocado, bacon and swiss"
                That's not saying much for their burgers!!
                We used to go to brunch at That a Way and it was decent, but we went more for the outdoor seating and strong drinks. With the little one it may be the way to go this time.
                However, I really wanted to try something new, If Meli Melo isn't too packed we'll try that one out!

                1. re: SweetPea914

                  or, it's just says a lot about how much of a complete sucker I am for anything with bacon or avocado! :)

                  i actually do like their burgers. they are no peter luger burger, but I find them pretty good.

                  good luck and let us know how it all turns out.

                2. re: adamclyde

                  I have only had for food here the burger, plain and also the steak sandwich.

                  They burger wasnt bad and the steak sandwich left me very disappointed.

              3. Personally, I loev Katzenberg's and they are kid friendly altho a bit tightly packed at lunch. I have not been to Gingerman in forever but I know they can handle a stroller.

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                1. re: KarenNYC

                  Gingerman is great for the beer second meli melo if not packed (unlikely)...and yes, Rinas across the road ain't bad for paninis...for a burger I would defintely hit Gaia...great dining room and pretty casual at lunch. Really friendly staff. I like it a lot.