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Jul 30, 2007 02:24 PM

Hill Country for Group?

Any advice on what to order for a group of ten pp going this Friday night? Has anyone been with a group? Is the ordering process the same or do you get a server??

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  1. I was once for lunch and everything was self-serve. I'd strongly suggest that you call the restaurant and ask them your specific questions.

    There were servers there at lunch but I don't know how they make any tips since I served myself - at the beverage, side dishes and meat counters.

    I think it would be fun for a group, perhaps order family style, but call Hill Country beforehand to reserve your table

    1. - Call ahead for res, they do take em for parties larger than 8 or 10.

      - Get to know the menu in advance to get an idea what your party will want

      - send two people to each counter, meat and sides... the rest getting seated should put the drink order in immediately (and ask for water immediately too)

      - It's guesswork as far as quantity of food to order per party, but you can heavy up the order if people don't mind doggy bags, or order liberally if you don't mind getting back in line for more. I found the countermen to be very helpful with the order, don't be afraid to ask for advice.

      Overall I found eating there with a large group to be a bit hectic and the service was questionable. Some of us did not get drinks until we were almost done eating and we never got the water. I think this can be avoided if make sure everyone/everything is covered with the first order.

      Anyway, not a great "restaurant experience" but I could care less due to the excellent food.

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