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Hershey's Special Dark

My office mate had some on her desk. This chocolate is very good as opposed to Hershey's milk chocolate which is so cloyingly sweet. Special Dark is powdery and dense. This is good stuff.

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    1. re: kindofabigdeal

      Textural contrast. Smooth then dense then dusty.

      1. re: Chinon00

        that still sounds as though it's an explanation for grainy.

        in a world of vosges and scharffenberger, i'm not sure why you would choose this. even as far as grocery store offerings i'd rather have lindt, ghirardelli, or even hershey's cacao reserve over this. i'd just rather use my money on other brands. overall, i'd rather just have a bag of baci.

        1. re: tinymango

          I personally wouldn't call it grainy. To me it is definitely powdery (almost like the finish of a really dark chocolate gelati). And of course there are many chocolates superior to HSD but I was surprised at how enjoyable I found it to be. If I had to choose to place this product in either the "good" product category or the "bad" product category if would have to go into "good" for me.

    2. While Hershey's Special Dark is better than their milk chocolate, there seems to be a grainy texture in whatever Hershey's chocolate I eat that mars the experience for me. And I think I remember it tasting like chocolate cake batter. Not as horrid as most I have eaten but it wouldn't be my first option. Actually, if it was Hershey's chocolate or no chocolate, I'd do without.

      1. Tastes like oversugared dark chocolate to me.

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          Compared to Hershey's Milk Chocolate it's pretty dry don't ya' think? It does leave a bit of sugar on the tongue but finishes slightly bitter and gives (at least to me) generous naked cocoa flavor which is not as noticeable in their milk chocolate.

        2. Before there was as much good dark chocolate around as there is now, I bought it sometimes, but there's a lot of really amazing dark chocoalte to be had.

          1. I have a soft spot for Hershey's Special Dark. Growing up, it was my preferred candy bar. I still wouldn't turn one down.

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              Me neither! They used to have these "Big Block" Special Dark candy bars. Oh, my. I used to eat one purtiner every day. Now it'd probably take me three, but I'd still do it.

            2. The Special Dark is better than the milk chocolate but it still has that Hersey's signature, almost but not quite burnt bitterness to it that I dislike in all Hershey's chocolate but especially in their cocoa. It reminds me a lot of the almost but not quite burnt bitterness that is the signature taste of Starbucks' coffee.

              1. I don't really like Hershey's Chocolates, but having said that, you should try their Cacao Reserve line. They make a 68% dark chocolate as well as some great milk chocolate with i think 36% cacao.

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                1. re: justagthing

                  Is Hershey's "Cacao Reserve" a new product? If so, wouldn't it just be re-packaged Scharffen Berger?

                  1. re: yinyangdi

                    Not the same as SB, packaging/size is very different. Plus they are still selling SB. But I do believe that are learning from all of the smaller boutique chocolatiers that they have bought out.

                    1. re: yinyangdi

                      The kids and I just enjoyed two bagfuls of the Cacao Reserve....that we picked up free from using .......gasp...........coupons from the newspaper!

                      The kids gobbled the 2 varieties of milk chocolate and I hate the 70% dark all to myself. It put Special Dark to shame!

                      I used to really enjoy Special Dark.....when I was a kid...but then I journeyed to Switzerland....and practically lived on amazing chocolate for a week...which ruined most Hershey products for me.

                      1. re: vermontpoet

                        Jealous I am that you found coupons for free ones!!!
                        There are also 2 varieties of dark, one has beans in it.

                  2. Don't like it myself, but I just returned from a trip to Rexall Drugs (in Toronto) and saw the Special Dark's on sale... 2/$0.99

                    1. Well, I suppose at least it's not chewy and sour-tasting.

                      1. Scharfenberger is pricey, but with Lindt 70% going for as little as 2 for $4 at times, that seems a reasonable price to pay for decent dark chocolate. We tried the new Hershey's recently and found it to be not particularly good. Why bother?

                        1. There's a review of dark chocolate in the new Consumer Reports. I can't remember all the varieties they listed, but I think the Cacao Reserve scored highly.

                          1. Okay, I have just one word for you dark chocolate lovers (well, one website):


                            It's the best, most intense you'll ever have. Absolutely spectacular.

                            1. I'm presently eating a Hershey's Green Tea Kiss. I don't like it.