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Jul 30, 2007 01:44 PM


I'm looking for great tamales so my boyfriend can try them. I'd like to limit this particular search to Manhattan, because while I am willing to traipse all over the city for food, he is less eager to do so. At a potluck, I had some great pork tamales, and the woman who brought them said that she got them from a Mexican place somewhere around the west 90s. I can't remember where exactly. She said they're the closest she's found to her own homemade. Any ideas what this place might be-- or any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. The tamales at Taqueria y Fonda la Mexicana, Amsterdam between 107th & 108th, are pretty good. The chicken and pork versions come with either a red or green sauce. The Super Tacos Sobre Ruedas taco truck at 96th & Broadway has tamales, but only on weekends, I think.

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      Funny, I just posted about street tamales I discovered today, and it seems to be not far from you (if Taqueria y Fonda is near you as well).

    2. I think that the tamales at Downtown Mexican Bakery are good. However, DMB is more of a take out place, so if you need sit down tamales in an more upscale atmosphere you might try Mercadito.

      1. I am in love with the tamales and Mancora in the EV (1st and 6th). They are Peruvian not Mexican but so amazing!

        1. Thanks for the replies so far! It doesn't necessarily have to be sit down-- take out's fine. I wonder if Taqueria y Fonda is the place I sampled from, seems like that's (kind of) in the neighborhood.