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Jul 30, 2007 01:28 PM

Current recommendations for Williamsburg, VA

Current recommendations for Williamsburg, VA . Family friendly restaurants...

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  1. Ok, here is where we had good experiences when we took our first trip to Williamsburg this past April:
    Capitol Pancake House - 802 Capitol Landing Road
    Fireside Chophouse - 1995 Richmond Road
    Kyoto Japanese Restaurant - 1621 Richmond Road (good atmosphere, kids loved it, food was OK compared to many of the good hibachi's in NJ)
    Season's Cafe - 110 South Henry Street in historic area (this was the BEST food we had the entire vacation, and it was very affordable. Lovely area, too)
    Sal's by Victor Italian - 1242 Richmond Road

    There were several other restaurants we would have liked to try, however time did not allow. I am told that it is one good restaurant after another, but these were the ones we really liked.

    1. Check the South board for more info. But, since you're here:

      The Cheese Shop in Merchant Square for amazing sandwiches. Get extra House Dressing.

      Nawab. Indian on Monticello Rd. in the Big Lots strip mall.
      Chez Trinh. Vietnamese across the street from Nawab.
      Fat Canary in Merchant Square. Haven't been there, but everyone raves about it.

      1. I would not call Fat Canary "family friendly".
        Pierces is a very casual and excellant but out of the way BBQ joint.
        Casa Maya on Richmond Rd has good Mexican.
        If you walk around New Town you'll find a lot of good places ranging from casual burger places to more upscale dining.

        1. Can anyone recommend one of the colonial style taverns in Williamsburg? We're going this week with 3 teens.