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Jul 30, 2007 01:14 PM

Best Kielbasa in Detroit?

As a native Detroiter, who moved away to L.A. 16 years ago, I know that Hamtramck/Detroit is home to some of the best Kielbasa and Polish food anywhere. I will be going to Detroit to in a couple of weeks and I'd like to bring some of that excellent authentic Polish Kielbasa back with me to share the real deal with my friends and family. There is nothing even close to authentic available out here (don't get me started on Hillshire Farm).

We used to get excellent Kielbasa from Hamtramck when my dad had an office there, but can't remember where we used to get it from. I have listed some of the local Hamtramck/Detroit Polish meat markets and sausage makers that have been suggested to me. Can anyone let me know which of these places, or anywhere else, has the best Kielbasa, Polish sausage, meats, etc.?

Bozek's Meats & Groceries
Ciemniak's Jos. Campau Meat Market
Fredro Market
Kopytko Meat Market
Kowalski Sausage Co.
Markowycz's European Home Style Sausage
Srodek's Campau Quality Sausage
Stan's Grocery

I've also heard great fresh meats and sausages, including Kielbasa, can be found at the Eastern Market, but it's so huge, with so many butchers and meat markets that I'd have no idea where to go for Kielbasa.

I'd appreciate any help in narrowing this down.

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  1. Kopytko, Stan's, and Srodek's all make great sausage. Bozek's in Hamtramck is closed right now due to a fire. Ciemniak's is closed. The best place to buy sausage at Eastern Market, believe it or not, is Eastern Market Seafood. (The sausage sandwiches at the deli counter make a great lunch.).

    1. When I go back, I go to Dearborn Meats for City Chicken and kielbasa to eat there with family and I go to Costco and get Kowalski packaged to bring back on the plane.

      1. The Holiday Kielbasa @ Dearborn Sausage is my personal favorite. They also have combination packages! Take a look at their site

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          That's the building! It is where Mom and Dad get the ham for the holidays. I had no idea I could get it mailed to me. Thanks.

        2. Thanks. I was already planning to go to Dearborn Sausage for natural casing hot dogs for coneys. Didn't think about them for the kielbasa, though. I just may have to get some from there too. I think that I defitinitely should try at least one of the Hamtramck markets. Although I know Kowalski is great compared to mass produced supermakret brands, I don't know how well it measures up to the smaller Hamtramck markets. So many stores, cooked vs fresh... Decisions, decisions....

          1. Shopping at Srodek's market is an old-world experience you won't forget. It is a family-run madhouse with a single counter filled with Polish delights you might have never seen. The fresh kielbasa is incredible. You will be in garlic heaven just holding it in the logo bag leaving the store. The store is jammed each holiday and you might want to wander to the Martha Washington bakery, just up the street, for a loaf of fresh baked rye bread and a box of angel wings. The local natives go to "The Polish Market" just across the street. It is an all-in-one Polish extravaganza with a bakery, meat counter, dried fish and sausage section. A trip to Ham-Town is always worthwhile!

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              Hey, I'm with NOG. Actually, her husband brought this heavenly food to our family (she's my sister). The first time I had this kielbasa I was thunderstruck and couldn't stop eating. This is the real deal and now a prized food item for holidays in our family.

              Dearborn sausage--neh. Srodek's --yeah!

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                When you live in San Diego, anything other than Hillshire Farm is wonderful.