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Best Kielbasa in Detroit?

As a native Detroiter, who moved away to L.A. 16 years ago, I know that Hamtramck/Detroit is home to some of the best Kielbasa and Polish food anywhere. I will be going to Detroit to in a couple of weeks and I'd like to bring some of that excellent authentic Polish Kielbasa back with me to share the real deal with my friends and family. There is nothing even close to authentic available out here (don't get me started on Hillshire Farm).

We used to get excellent Kielbasa from Hamtramck when my dad had an office there, but can't remember where we used to get it from. I have listed some of the local Hamtramck/Detroit Polish meat markets and sausage makers that have been suggested to me. Can anyone let me know which of these places, or anywhere else, has the best Kielbasa, Polish sausage, meats, etc.?

Bozek's Meats & Groceries
Ciemniak's Jos. Campau Meat Market
Fredro Market
Kopytko Meat Market
Kowalski Sausage Co.
Markowycz's European Home Style Sausage
Srodek's Campau Quality Sausage
Stan's Grocery

I've also heard great fresh meats and sausages, including Kielbasa, can be found at the Eastern Market, but it's so huge, with so many butchers and meat markets that I'd have no idea where to go for Kielbasa.

I'd appreciate any help in narrowing this down.

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  1. Kopytko, Stan's, and Srodek's all make great sausage. Bozek's in Hamtramck is closed right now due to a fire. Ciemniak's is closed. The best place to buy sausage at Eastern Market, believe it or not, is Eastern Market Seafood. (The sausage sandwiches at the deli counter make a great lunch.).

    1. When I go back, I go to Dearborn Meats for City Chicken and kielbasa to eat there with family and I go to Costco and get Kowalski packaged to bring back on the plane.

      1. The Holiday Kielbasa @ Dearborn Sausage is my personal favorite. They also have combination packages! Take a look at their site www.dearborn-sausage.com

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          That's the building! It is where Mom and Dad get the ham for the holidays. I had no idea I could get it mailed to me. Thanks.

        2. Thanks. I was already planning to go to Dearborn Sausage for natural casing hot dogs for coneys. Didn't think about them for the kielbasa, though. I just may have to get some from there too. I think that I defitinitely should try at least one of the Hamtramck markets. Although I know Kowalski is great compared to mass produced supermakret brands, I don't know how well it measures up to the smaller Hamtramck markets. So many stores, cooked vs fresh... Decisions, decisions....

          1. Shopping at Srodek's market is an old-world experience you won't forget. It is a family-run madhouse with a single counter filled with Polish delights you might have never seen. The fresh kielbasa is incredible. You will be in garlic heaven just holding it in the logo bag leaving the store. The store is jammed each holiday and you might want to wander to the Martha Washington bakery, just up the street, for a loaf of fresh baked rye bread and a box of angel wings. The local natives go to "The Polish Market" just across the street. It is an all-in-one Polish extravaganza with a bakery, meat counter, dried fish and sausage section. A trip to Ham-Town is always worthwhile!

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              Hey, I'm with NOG. Actually, her husband brought this heavenly food to our family (she's my sister). The first time I had this kielbasa I was thunderstruck and couldn't stop eating. This is the real deal and now a prized food item for holidays in our family.

              Dearborn sausage--neh. Srodek's --yeah!

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                When you live in San Diego, anything other than Hillshire Farm is wonderful.

            2. We just had some great kielbasa from Randy's Sausage at Eastern Market (in the Gratiot Central Market building). OH MY. My daughter ate it up. My grandfather used to make it in their meat market in Warrendale, so I am a bit picky. My grandma generally buys Dearborn or Kowalski. That smell of the wrapped sausage bundle even before you cook and eat--yummm.

              And North Oakland Gal, your post made me hungry!

              1. Try the Polish Market at 16 Mile and John R . There is also the original location in Hamtown , but we like the one in Troy better , bigger , larger selection . The meat and deli counters are to die for . You could try looking them up online , but nothing beats the hundreds of feet long shrine to meat in all its glory .

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                  Sorry , the Polish Market in Troy is at 15 Mile and John R , not 16 , my bad .

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                    There is also a Polish market by the same owners on the SE corner of 22 mile & Hayes. Killer Kielbasa and the best veal or pork dogs you could hope to find. Add some fresh pirogi and a few of the beer sausages and I'm a happy camper. The prices are an absolute bargain.

                2. Been meaning to post and thank everyone for all their suggestions for a while, so here goes. I brought back kielbasa from Stan's, Srodek's and Kopytko, as well as some Kowalski (cooked because I figured better safe than sorry with over 8 hrs travel time). The friends and family out here in L.A. were blown away, since ,as I said in my original post, they've only had Hillshire Farm. They thought all of it was great, but the consensus favorite was Stan's, which seemed to have the smokiest flavor. The Kowalski, although still much better than anything available out here, not surprisingy scored the lowest.

                  I also brought back Dearborn Sausage Co. and Koegel's natural casing Vienna hot dogs and frozen coney island sauce for coneys.

                  Needless to say, everyone loved everything. Thanks again to all of you for all of your suggestions.

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                    Don't see any comments about the keilbasa from Mr. Markowycz of European Home Style Sausage, Inc. at 8616 MIchigan Ave. (just east of Wyoming St.). This family business is Old School. Babcza actually works the counter here! Lots of really good stuff here! The kielbasa is to die for. Call first cuz I know they have been wanting to move: 313/846-6870. I wrapped the stuff up and put it in a cooler and my truck wreaked of garlic!!! Heavenly! If you have a problem with the traditional garlic infused kielbasa and can get to Jackson, MI I strongly recommend A&A Market at 2422 Page Ave.. This is awesome, fresh, and LEAN kielbasa, no hint of garlic. Be careful, if you are not disciplined you will overeat! BTW for Mexican chorizo go with DOS HERMANOS IN ADRIAN 1- 517-264-5126 or their store in Ypsilanti. Also, for the best blood sausage in the world you can't beat Kowalski's kiszka. Kowalski is the best mass marketed (processed) Polish sausage. Their products are sold all over Michigan in grocery stores like Meijers. If you're in Sterling Heights you can go to Kowalski Family Deli & Old Time Sandwich Shop at 37110 Van Dyke (586-268-5780). If you're hungry, you can eat right there!

                  2. Nothing can come close to the butcher's kielbasa at the corner store when growing up in Detroit, but the closest I've come to and make the trip at holidays is the Village Butcher in Milford, MI. I also love their own smoked ham (not always available). http://www.villagebutchershoppe.com/

                    Friends of mine make a trip near the old neighborhodd to Markowycz's, but haven't had their kielbasa in a long time.

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                      My friend who comes from the old country goes to Markowycz's. I'm only an occasional kielbasa eater, but I think theirs is mighty good.

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                        I love Markowycz's. I haven't been in almost a year - sounds so delish right now.

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                        Are you by any chance referring to Wilks Market? Mr Wilk made the best, - both fresh and smoked. I asked if he would give me the recipe when he retired. He laughed and said that the recipe would go with him. Not even his sons could have it!

                      3. I'm a Polish woman from Detroit living in the south. I've never eaten kielbasa that even compares to the Hamtramck recipe. Anyone know of a butcher in metro Orlando that makes the recipe? Or one of these named markets that ship?

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                        1. Lots of good places have been mentioned. I love the Dearborn Sausage retail store, so much good stuff there. Their potato sausage is great. Another Polish market that's pretty good and makes their own Kielbasa is on Plymouth road between Inkster and Middlebelt (closer to Middlebelt, eastbound side of Plymouth). Small place, but good.

                          1. I'm an out-of-towner visiting Detroit area for a month. Can someone recommend a good restaurant where I can get Kielbasa? I'm from LA and don't really know Polish food. Have car and will travel (staying in Birmingham). Thanks!

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                              Polish Village Cafe


                              End of Discussion! :


                              Polish Village Cafe
                              2990 Yemans St, Hamtramck, MI 48212

                              1. re: JanPrimus

                                Yeah, agreed. And not just for the polish sausage, either! This is *the* destination for great Polish food in this area, period. Dirt cheap, too. You will *love* this place, or go and join your friends in Al Queda! ;)

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                                  Terrific, I think I had this written down in my notes -- thanks!

                              2. It seems that Chowhound rolls-off older posts ... I was looking for
                                the Rygwelski's IGA (Rogers City) thread without success. Why?

                                Last night, I wanted brats. My stash of Rygwelsi's was depleted.
                                I tried [gasp] Johnsonville. A few bites later and they went into the
                                trash. I saved the kraut.

                                Tomorrow, I visit Stan's and Mr. Mar<something>ski to sample
                                their brats & kielbasa.

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                                  I also have been getting some good sausage from Bozek's in Hamtramck and at the meat market at the NE Corner of Telegraph and Joy Road.

                                  Another small place I wanna try before it goes down in Kopytko Meat Market also in Hamtramck (if they are still open). They are for sale and I wish I had the funding to buy this property to keep them going. I so want a smoke house like they have!

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                                    The Rygwelski's IGA post is in the General Midwest archive: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6235....

                                  2. My comparisons are not "Pepsi Challenge" style ...

                                    I was VERY happy with the kielbasa from Rygwelski'
                                    in Rogers City. It took ~12 months to exhaust the 25
                                    lbs that I brought back.

                                    We've just finished Mr. Markowycz's kielbasa ... and
                                    we prefer, the envelope please ... Rygwelski's.

                                    Mr. M's is certainly leaner, but is it also less flavorful.
                                    It's a good kielbasa, just not as good as Rygwelski's.

                                    Next week I'll report on Stan's ...

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                                      I'll be waiting for your report on Stan's. I'm kinda surprised that Markowycz is STILL THERE, since the area is a blight now. Holy mackerel!

                                    2. I had some sausage that a guy made out in Brighton or Howell. It was good. He told me he plans to open a store sometime in 2011. I can't wait. I live in Milford I don't want go to Detroit just for sausage.

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                                      1. Best kielbasa in the area come from MY HOUSE! :) We make and smoke a couiple hundred lbs every year. And we do it the old fashioned way... cherry wood/apple wood... slow smoke. Recipe comes from Busia and DziaDzia's but is close to Srodeks. Surprised I haven't seen Keilbasa Joe's mentioned. It's a little market on Oak St. in Wyandotte who makes and smokes some REALLY good kielbasa... a litle more on the coarse grind side - yum!