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Jul 30, 2007 01:06 PM

Alone in my love of candy cordials?

I think my fondness for cordials is inconveniently rare. I'm not sure if anyone even knows what they are these days. I'm speaking about the candy with a hard chocolate shell, surrounding a thin shell of crystallized sugar with a flavored liquid center. Whenever I do find them, I buy them and sample a couple different flavors, usually one fruit and one liqueur. Unfortunately, they usually tend to be stale and crunchy with very little liquid inside. Last Christmas season, I stumbled upon some for sale at Susina and they turned out to be the best I've ever had. I kept returning for more but there were never any left. When I finally asked about them, the clerk said Susina had specially produced them for a holiday catering job and had simply sold the extras and not to expect to see them again. Very sad -probably only for me though because I think I'm the only person who's looking.
Any chance anyone out there has a lead on a truly great cordial for sale?

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  1. I remember Ethel M used to have some. Not sure about the quality of the liquor chocolates.

    1. God I LOVE cordials. and buttercreams, too.

      1. check out Otto's Deli/Kuszlet on Clark in Burbank. they have a nice selection, including chocolate around a rum center.

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          Thanks for all the suggestions. I wonder how fresh they are at Otto's. Hey Jerome, go try several and report back.