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Jul 30, 2007 12:22 PM

Dessert Tasting Menus?

I dined at Chicago's TRU last week and they have a dessert tasting menu... Do any restaurants in the Bay Area have this? I've had dessert 3 ways at Michael Mina but it was just the one couse. I guess I'm looking for MULTIPLE dessert courses...

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  1. For me, the obvious question to you is: Are there particular Bay Area pastry chefs who you really admire? If so, try to arrange a dessert tasting menu at those restaurants. Some friends and I arranged such a thing with Thomas Haas in Vancouver and had a total blast, and so did Chef Haas.

    1. i'm actually doing a semi-progressive dinner in the city in a few weeks... what restaurants do others suggest for a multiple dessert tasting menu like the original poster described??? which restaurants are more conducive for this?

      over 15 years ago, i went to postrio and had a dessert tasting menu thing... my first experience with creme brulee... =) i don't really follow pastry chefs... i just want to go where the dessert is truly memorable (without being over the top expensive...)

      we will be staying in the union square area but will have access to a car... i would prefer not to drive far, although a souffle over at cafe jacqueline would be sooo yummy, too bad it doesn't fit my requirements though... hahahah

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        It's hard to know how to answer you--it's just all so vague. What kind of desserts do you like? What are you willing to pay? Why doesn't Cafe Jacqueline fit your requirements? I don't understand. Since arranging a special dessert tasting menu for a small group is something people rarely ever do, it's going to take extra footwork on your part. Research restaurants you are interested in and look at their dessert menus, then contact the chef WELL in advance with specifics on what you would like (I don't mean specific desserts, but how many desserts, number in your party, your budget). Just off the top of my head:

        a) Farina was recently reviewed as having good desserts.

        b) Aziza has stellar desserts, but it might be too far for you--can't say.

        c) Shuna Lydon is the pastry chef for a new restaurant at the Embarcadero that I don't believe has opened yet (Sens). Shuna might be interested in doing a dessert tasting menu, but I assume would be very busy just getting the dessert menu together and training people. Shuna has a blog called eggbeater--you could email. Just an idea.

        d) People seem to like Bar Tartine.

        e) Tartine is open until 7 or 8 PM depending on the night--you could just buy a lot of things and sample them with some wine.

        f) Citizen Cake?

        1. re: Atomica

          thanks for all of your help atomica!

          so this is the thing....

          i'm taking my cousin and her friends (teenagers) for a night out to sf which includes dinner at one restaurant, and then a "dessert sampler" plate at another restaurant for us all to share. of course i will make reservations for dessert only.

          i'm looking for really good/orgasmic (yes, strong word, but that what good desserts are) desserts that we can put in the middle of the table and enjoy.

          we will have a car. i am not in the city often (although often enough for my tastes). the place we go must have easy parking. i don't want to go to north beach because i find that parking can sometimes be a cr*pshoot.

          i ike cafe jacqueline, but i find it to be very romantic and intimate. i'm bringing teenagers, who like to be at places where there is more going on. the times that i've been to cafe jacqueline, i've notice mainly couples. a place that has more people to watch would be fun for them.

          i have a love for really good dessert, i think more quality than quantity. so while i'll scarf down a bowl of dreyers ice cream or some homemade brownies, i'm think desserts more in the line of panna cotta, fruit tarts, chocolate tortes, etc.

          the girls will be somewhat dressed up because it's our night on the town so i want to make sure it'salso a nice place.

          i'm sure i can just make a reservation for "dessert only." not trying to make this complicated....

          much mahalos! i hope this is a little more clearer... =)

          1. re: kinipela

            When are you doing this? There's one place that comes to mind, but it's not open yet.

            1. re: Aaron

              in the next 2 months? Thanks! =)

              1. re: kinipela

                Yeah...Sens Restaurant...
                Great pastry chef behind the project, so dessert should be spot on.