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Jul 30, 2007 11:59 AM

Long Island Ice Cream Spots?

To copy off another posters idea...any good ice cream shops on LI? Preferably in Nassau County?

Passed by Hildebrandt's on Hillside in Williston Park, supposed to be good. Not sure.

Any ideas would be great. I love my gelato from the panini place in GC, but good ol' American ice cream would be nice, too.

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  1. Pistachio Soft Serve at Marvel, near Lido.

    1. I really like Hildebrandt's and have been going there for a long time. The ice cream is excellent and is best as a sundae, with all the extra toppings. The "Big Dog" however posted about his experience last year and he was not pleased. The food is good if you keep it simple and the burger is excellent, they even got a good mention on the web site A Hambuger Today, AHT. Marvel is also terrific, anything they make special for the day is worth trying, a great old time experience after a day at the beach. In Massapequa near the LIRR station is Krisch's, another old time place with great homemade ice cream. Recently, fellow hound Janie discovered Baci in Roslyn on Willis ave, the best gelato place I know of in Nassau County. It is not on the level of Il Lab on Orchard street but it is a great local option. Finally, there is a place on the Queens Nassau line near Belmont Racetrack that does soft serve, it has been there forever, I'm sure some other hound will recall the name.

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      1. re: stuartlafonda

        Baci is excellent stuff. Yes.

        Also saw it being sold outside of Ivarone Bros. in New Hyde Park.

        1. re: GCGuy

          I was passing Baci last night and decided to stop for a little bit of gelato. Still excellent. The pistachio in particular was as good a pistachio gelato as I have ever had. Banana nutella, baci and raspberry were also good. I had the assistance of my daughter in this endeavor. large portions and fair prices as well.

          On a related note, Marvel was sold but a patron would never know. Smart new owners, keeping things the same as it has always been.
          On another related note, on the same corner as Marvel , on the south side of Lido Blvd is a new ice cream shop replacing Surf Pizza. Tried it twice, eh. Seemed like what I call a 'mix in" place. Couple of simple base flavors then they dump stuff in. I ordered the milky way and got vanilla ice cream with rock hard pieces of Milky Way bar to break a tooth on. Just slightly harder then the frozen whole strawberry in my strawberry ice cream.

          Anything else new out there?

          1. re: stuartlafonda

            Its been open a couple of years already but Five Pennies in Rockville Centre is excellent. Real homemade ice cream.

            1. re: tomatoe

              I like 5P, but let's be clear about something: no place on Long Island--none--has truly homemade ice cream. They buy base mix from a mass-market vendor, and add flavorings. That's not home made.

              If you want true homemade (and truly awesome) ice cream, try a place like Ample Hills Creamery in Prospect Heights, where they start with cream from a local dairy and eggs from a farm (they even have a 15-gallon pasteurization tank and a chiller on the premises, and a NYS pasteurization license).

              1. re: Scott_R

                I believe Goodales dairy farm in Riverhead makes ice cream from their own cows.

                1. re: coll

                  Actually, I think you're right; I had traditional ice cream places in mind.
                  Never had any luck getting Goodale's ice cream. Didn't see it out in Riverhead last time I was out at the farm (which was a while ago), and when I asked about it at their stand at the Babylon farmer's market, the kid there had no idea what I was talking about.

                  1. re: Scott_R

                    I see a separate ice cream truck kind of thing sitting between the cows and the shop, and assume that's where it's sold. No idea when it's available, but I have called them on their cell about their cheeses and they are very happy to answer and give out info.....if I get a few minutes in the next day or two I will let you know more.

                    1. re: coll

                      No worries; the truck wasn't there when I was out there last. I'll give it a check.

                      1. re: Scott_R

                        We'll get to the bottom of it before Labor Day!

                    2. re: Scott_R

                      Goodale supposedly makes ice cream from its own milk but they don't have all that many cows and the cows they have must suffice for the raw milk, butter and cheese that Goodale sells. Virtually every ice cream shop on LI that makes its own uses a mix from Panza (or some supplier like Panza) with three exceptions that I know of: Joe & Liza in Sag Harbor have a custom blend from, I think, the Hudson Valley. Wolfies Custard in Northport has a custom blend and so does Herrell's in Huntington. These are three of the very best ice creams on Long Island.

                      1. re: emarcus

                        Goodale sells raw milk? I thought only Ty Llwyd Farm did?

                        1. re: Scott_R

                          Sorry, they sell their own milk but I believe it is vat-pasteurized.

              2. re: stuartlafonda

                Tried Baci Gelato. Really good. I think comparable to the better places in the city (L'Arte del Gelato, Grom). I really liked the pistachio, hazelnut, and mango flavors. Coconut was too sweet. Portion size is huge. My one complaint though is my cup of gelato was filled in such a way where one flavor was on the top and the other was on the bottom. Would prefer the two flavors side-by-side which is the way I've gotten it in NYC and Italy.

                As for other places, while it's now a chain, Shake Shack in Westbury has good frozen custard. I especially enjoy their shakes. (Their other food though is not as good as in their NYC locations. Not sure why.)

                1. re: churros

                  I keep forgetting about Baci Gelato; I went there once and enjoyed it. Not in my general traveling area, though.

          2. Marvel is in Lido, across from the LBSD administration building, not near Lido.

            Grew up with Marvel - chocolate ice cream cone with chocolate sprinkles - used to ride our bikes over, or walk from my friend's house in the dunes. Now we stop there sometimes when we visit my folks in Long Beach.

            1. GCGuy,

              It's been mentioned before--but, worth another mention, Itgen's in Valley Stream. It's a real throwback, like Hildebrant's. Yummy stuff!

              1. Leonetti's on Glen Cove Road (few blocks north of Northern Blvd) has good gelato, especially the hazelnut.