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Jul 30, 2007 11:56 AM

Kids looking for pies or corn

Will be in the SWOntario area in late Sept. Will be will a big group of 11 adults and 23 kids on a Thursday (ssshhhhh - playing hookie from school!).
I. I remember once driving the 401 S (I think) from Toronto to Kitchener and seeing a sign for a famous pie place that you could buy from. We want to take the kiddies for a 1 hr or so "farm" trip; either watch or make pies or do some other activities. 13 yrs olds who are very well behaved.

2. Alternately we want to take them to a huge corn maize and let them get lost and tired for a few hours - if there are food related activities that they have, even better.
We would be willing to go anywhere between London and Vaughan along that 401/407 route, but not too far off. We will be taking them to Cirque du Soleil (a lot of sitting) and want to fatigue them a little! :)

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  1. There's a farm called Downeys near Brampton (, that has activities for kids and farm produce and baking. I don't know exactly where it is, but not far off the 407.

    1. Maybe you are thinking of Chudleigh's, they have a bakery and a pick your own. Their website is and they are off the 401 in Milton.

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        Andrew's scenic acres nearby Chudleigh's (Just north of Milton I believe) also do pies, berry picking etc. They also have tractor rides for the kids.