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Jul 30, 2007 11:51 AM

Good Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta???


I am vacationing in Puerto Vallarta soon and I wanted some good restaurants to go to. My mom's lives in the Yucantan so I know good food in Mexico and I would love some suggestions for nice restaurants...maybe something romantic?

Thanks a lot in advance!!!!!!

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      1. re: lorilaw

        I really like el Arrayan(we go at least twice each visit), Trio, Red Cabbage. Not so Mexican but I think best food for a "view" restaurant is Barcelona Tapas. Also, Casa Naranjo is a favorite but it is not typico or regional Mexican.

    1. Café des Artistes, or Thierry Blouet. Both are by the same owner... Probably the best places in Vallarta and probably some of the best in the country.

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      1. re: cookiejesus

        Cafe des Artistes is so good it's incomprehensible why his steak house is so bad.
        If you really need a steak try Bruce's Back Alley Bistro.