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Jul 30, 2007 11:41 AM

Saratoga Springs Lunch

Quick post - stopped here for lunch on drive north - avoid the Wheatfields, as the service is terrible - the hostess was very rude and left us standing around while she avoided us and sat her friends first.

You're much better trying out Brindisi's (just a few blocks down the street on the same side) - the food and service were excellent and the interior is nicely done - a pleasant surprise - we'll be back!

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  1. and one other important fact....the food at Wheatfeilds is terrible!

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    1. re: amateurfoodie

      Wow! The one time when terrible service pays off - we were so disgusted by our treatment that we walked and did not give them any of our money!

      1. re: Boblikestoeat

        We also thought the food at Wheatfields was pretty bad, haven't been back nor do I plan to but they own other restaurants in the area and I can't think of what they are now. Does anyone know??

      2. re: amateurfoodie

        Oh my goodness! I wish I saw this thread before going to Wheatfields over the weekend. We originally wanted to go to Hattie's only to find it closed for lunch. We were walking on Broadway for a bit looking for a restaurant that was packed. Well, Wheatfields fit the bill. I thought the service was fine, but the food was really bad -- I mean really bad. While we were sitting there deciding on what to order, DH called a friend of his who lives in the area. When his friend learned we were at Wheatfields, he was dead silent. So I thought that I should play it safe and order a burger. How could anybody ruin a burger? I was so wrong. I'd rather eat at Burger King. We later found on from many people (including somebody who works there) that the food is terrible.

        We then had dinner at Chez Sophie. We were there last year and thought it was great. Unfortunately, it was either an off night or has gone downhill. My escargot tasted like it was dumped from a can straight to my plate. No salt, no flavor, and tasting like the tin it came from. One of our friends ordered the duck that came incredibly dry and tough. Our veal chop was dry and overcooked. They forgot my husband's dessert wine. Overall, a disappointing experience.

      3. If you are doing lunch in Saratoga, try Toscano Forno, across from the big hotel and the City Center. Not too overpriced, interesting decor, food is quite good, and the mostly male waiters usually fawn over female diners. (Very sort of pseudo male Italian chic, although they are mostly local guys). Sad to say, Wheatfields has gone really downhill in the last few years. At one time was a very nice place, but no longer.