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Jul 30, 2007 11:21 AM

Harrison Update

The Harrison has been a medium price range go-to for us for the last 2 years, unfortunately, we have to take it off our list based on our experience last Friday evening.

We stopped by around 7:30 pm to get a couple of appetizers - the cavatelli and the pork, which were really shockingly bad - we've always been quite pleased with the food quality here - needless to say, we were happy that we did not order an entree at the same time.

Just curious if anyone knows if this might correspond to a change in the chef??

Anyhow, another one bites the dust off of our staple list.

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  1. i always thought it was a nice looking place but the food just doesnt do it for me. its definitely secondary when going to a place like harrison.

    the cavatelli i had was good but definitely not home-made.

    1. So sad to hear. Must be an off night or the new chef . . .

      We last went in late February. Service, atmosphere, food - all were flawless. We started with oysters on the half shell with cucumber chili mignonette. Portion was adequate for two to share. Only two of the selections had a distinctive flavor. The grilled striped bass with olives, potato, marinated onion, white anchovy sauce on a bed of green beans was lovely. The anchovy sauce was delicious, but not overpowering. We also had the breast of duck (fairly large portion) with stewed prunes, jus and foie gras. Very nice wine list. To finish we had the warm beignets filled with chocolate (thankfully bitter sweet, not milk).

      1. That's definitely too bad. We went to The Harrison for a birthday dinner last January and had such an amazing time, and the food was excellent! We really, really enjoyed. Sad to hear it's going downhill.

        1. Don't get carried away and write them off so quickly. Unfortunately, everyone has an off night. I too have been a regular for several years and am always pleasantly reminded why I keep returning- amiable and professional service and an inventive menu that always pleases. Sure, once in a while they can have an off night but all in all The Harrison is like a good friend-always there and always reliable.

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          1. re: foodie45

            No, the Harrison hasn't had a chef change: Brian Bistrong is still in the kitchen. I'm extremely surprised by your bad experience. I've had nothing but terrific meals there.

            1. re: tsb2001

              Thanks for the update. Might have just been an off night as foodie 45 suggests. My experience was very good as well.

          2. I was there for dinner 2 weeks ago and had a very good meal, both the food and the service. I didn't detect a "downhill" vibe at all. Hopefully you just went on an off night, as it's such an easy place to really like.

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            1. re: Shawn

              The Harrison serves $24 fried chicken and $8 broccoli. What are the prices on its "off" nights? How much off the "on" night prices?

              1. re: asnet

                I agree that any restaurant can have an "off" night for service, but for a restaurant of this caliber and price range, there is no excuse for an "off" night for food quality - as any good chef knows, if the food is sub-par, then it does not leave the kitchen.