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Jul 30, 2007 11:19 AM

Out of towner looking for BEST Portland Bakery

I'm going to be in Portland this week and am wondering if you all have any artisan bakery recommendations.

I've heard something wonderful about a bakery located in the Pearl, or maybe it was simply Pearl Bakery...?

Looking for great baguettes, batards, pain au levain, ciabatta, etc - or anything else that's creative/artisan.

Much appreciate your help! Can't wait to visit your beautiful city (one of my favorites in the entire nation!!!)

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  1. I like Pearl Bakery a lot, but I think most people would agree that Ken's Artisan Bakery is the best in town. It's not really in the pearl district--it's more northwest portland.

    1. I think Pearl has the best Italian loaves, such as ciabatta. Ken's does the best levain loaves.

      Several other places worth checking out: Grand Central, Fleur de Lys, Baker & Spice, Delphina's, New Season's (which has REALLY improved), St. Honore, La Provence/Petit Provence. Go to a farmers market and you'll usually see a couple, especially the Saturday Portland Farmers Market at PSU.


      1. Wow - thanks for these great recs!

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          Agree with above. If you can't make Sat. Farmers' Mkt at PSU, try the Wed. one 10-2 at Park & Salmon SW. Pearl Bakery is there, plus the mobile wood oven (Tastebud Farm in the NW corner) makes incredible sandwiches out of their fresh pita, cobbler on Sat.
          If you go to the PSU Sat. Mkt you'll find these plus Baker/Spice & Ken's!

          St Honore for croissant, Grand Central for galette & chocochip cookies, calamata & yeasted corn bread.

        2. Love your name--it's from a song as im sure you know--how did you choose it? BTW most pdx restaurants have great breads--Ken's is one of the best.

          1. Just go to Ken's and St. Honore. If they don't satisfy, move down the list...

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              michael--does St. Honore have bkfst?