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Jul 30, 2007 11:11 AM

Jack's Dining Room

What's the accessibility like for Jack's Dining Room (the fine dining venue)? We are doing a big family dinner to celebrate 5 birthdays including my aunt's 90th. She in remarkably good shape for her age but has some mobility issues with stairs. 2 or 3 stairs aren't a problem, but a flight of stairs (like at Laurel for instance) presents a problem. No elevators, she hasn't ridden an elevator in 70 years. Jack's is on the short list, but if there are access issues I need to delete it as an option. Thanks.

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  1. Unless there is a route I am not aware of Jack's requires more stairs than Laurel (or an elevator) for pretty much all their venues (except the Sidewalk cafe).

    You probably know, but Nine-ten is street-level with an inexpensive valet directly in front of the door.

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      Thanks, that's pretty much what I thought. Nine-Ten was already on the short list, looks like it moved up a notch ;-).

    2. i'd say a good 40+ steps

      1. where is Jack's?.... let me guess, San Diego?

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        1. I think that there are elevators at jacks, but it really does not have very good accessibility and it gets pretty crowded later on in the night, since it's become a trendy club spot. Thurs nights are pretty bad. Also, personally, I think the food at Nine-Ten is better, but If you go to jacks, make sure and try the lychee martini (jack's martini). It's awesome.

          1. If I remember accurately, there is a "short" flight of outdoor stairs leading up to the Formal DIning Room. I want to say about 5 stairs, a landing and then another 3-5 stairs. Going up to the bar and grill area requires at least 2 average flights of stairs on plexiglass. I think that would be more than she'd like to navigate, especially between intoxicated partiers....

            Tapenade only has the curb to navigate...

            AR Valentien has valet and no curb...