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One Girl Cookies off Smith St - What a scam!

I went to Cookies, the little bakery and gelateria on Dean St on Saturday night. The BF and I each got a small gelato with two scoops. When we went to pay, we were charged $10! I.e. 5 dollars for two scoops of gelato!?! We paid, more out of shock than anything else, but then looked at the chalkboard menu, where it said quite clearly: Small Gelato $3. WTF?? We then asked the cashier why we were being charged $10. Her response: oh we have a different menu at night, because we have table service and there's a different ambiance. Umm, there are neither tables in Cookies (and if so, maybe, there are two if that) nor waitresses. We ordered to-go from the counter. So tell me, is this a total scam? The higher prices were NOT posted anywhere, and last I checked to-go isn't exactly table service. If we hadn't already started eating, we most certainly would have put down the gelato and asked for our money back. Is this absolute b.s. or what? Anyway, be forewarned if you have a late night gelato craving, you will be charged dearly for the privilege of eating at Cookies.

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  1. THANKS for the heads up. I loathe being taken advantage of, on principle. It's not the $2. It's the "we're making it up as we go along; or as we feel like" depending on our mood or whim at that moment.

    1. You should let the owner know how you feel. With a small, neighborhood place that depends on good word of mouth, it's high;y possible your words will have a palpable effect.

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      1. re: Tay

        I wish I were less of a wuss, otherwise I would have made a big stink.

        1. re: wanderluster

          It's not clear to me whether you were annoyed that it cost $5 or that the price you were charged was not posted.

          If the latter, I don't see why it would have been a big stink to have said "I'm sorry, but I ordered based on these posted prices, and in the absence of any other menu or posting it's only fair for you to honor your posted price."

          If the former, well, you can vote with your feet and your wallet as with any other establishment.

          Also, for what it's worth, I've only ever experienced a friendly attitude at One Girl. Your mileage, as with anyone else's, may of course vary.

          1. re: cazique

            I've been to their dessert bar a few times now, and they do have a printed menu at the counter, which I believe includes the gelato pricing (not positive on that).

            Nevertheless, its silly that this isnt noted on the board, or that they dont take that board price down altogether if they're going to try to change the price at night.

            As with Cazique, I've only had nice experiences there though.

            1. re: cazique

              Both! Not only is $5 dollars a rip-off, but to have an alternate price listed is just misleading.

              1. re: wanderluster

                have to say i agree - they should def honor what is listed. when bars leave special pricing signs out too long, they usually honor whats on them.

        2. That is annoying. I've had pretty good experiences there so far. Love their iced coffee and mini moonpies. mmmm

          1. That place is just F'ed up in my opinion. Do they still have a minimum purchase rule on the mini cookies?

            Sign me,

            Once is enough.

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            1. re: The Engineer

              That minimum purchase rule bugged me too (don't know if it's still in effect). I think this is one of the new breed of restaurants designed to cater to fashion-obsessed people who don't actually eat. Everything is so tiny. It's like those so-called "small plates" places. Ugh. I'll have a crust of bread and two artichoke leaves. Pass the coke.

              1. re: gnosh

                Whenever I walk in there I walk right back out. I am never convinced by the look of things to buy anything. They seem more concerened with their packaging than they do with their "approachfullness"

            2. i'd take a big, sloppy,drippy cookie over a bunch of precious, over-priced, perfect-looking little ones any day. i tried to get excited about them opening - but honestly have never been compelled to return after my first visit.
              if i want tiny cookies i'll buy a box of cookie crisp.
              oh, and a customer should never be put in the position you were put in. the mean, mean lady at waterfalls pulled that crap with us once and i've never been back. ok, i actually did go back about two years later, but it took me that long to cool off.
              i would have asked for my $ back, left my gelato there and bought a pint of somethng tasty at the deli.

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              1. re: chubbie

                You abosolutely should have demanded your money back. And you should have filed a complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs, because, not only is it misleading, it is likely illegal as price gouging or some other false advertising, unless the higher price at night is clearly marked (and there are rules for how conspicuous the markings must be),

                Those business practices sound absolutely disgusting to me and after hearing this, I don't think I'll be setting foot in there ever.

              2. I'm so surprised to hear all the venom. I go about once a week and have never received subpar service. The cookies are teeny tiny, true, but I find one or two to be pretty satisfying, especially the pumpkin whoopie pies!

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                1. re: leilacohan

                  When I went, I wasn't allowed to buy only one or two.

                2. I go there all the time and i LOVE it!!! The owners and workers are all extremely nice and the portions are tiny, but it's dessert people, who needs a cheesecake factory-sized portion?? I have always been able to buy 1 or 2 cookies without any hassle and have had lovely time at the dessert bar. They always end the meal with tiny take-home desserts which i think makes up a bit for the $7 charge. I would speak up next time if you think you are being overcharged.

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                  1. re: kam0424

                    I agree, the staff is very nice but the prices are ridiculous. If I'm going to be charged a cheesecake factory price, I want a cheesecake sized portion.

                      1. re: kam0424

                        Gotta say, I caught some serious attitude from the staff.

                        1. re: The Engineer

                          I did too, Engineer. I've been there three times, and each time the person behind the counter was snotty for no reason. The cookies there aren't good enough for me to bother giving them another chance.

                          1. re: The Engineer

                            That's too bad, i guess i've been lucky.

                        2. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think 5.00 is alot for 2 scoops of homemade gelato...

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                          1. re: monicabyrne1101

                            have to agree with this posting, too. 5 for two scoops of homemade stuff is not bad at all. im NOT saying that the misposting of their prices is OK, just that even at five bux, it aint bad.

                            1. re: monicabyrne1101

                              I would pay $10 for one scoop as long as I wasnt mislead. And cranky indifferent service people caught up in aesthetics and not the customers they serve dont deserve my time nor money. With two cats - we are all full with cranky indifference and that comes free.

                              1. re: Ljubitca

                                The place sounds like a tourist trap. 5 bux for a small gelato takeout is way out of line. It seems to me that Cookies is not managed properly and thats were the problem is.

                                1. re: irish65

                                  Five dollars for two scoops of anything is something that we must all get used to. So is the price of living in NYC. However, the best way to show dissatisfaction is by not gong into the place. The neighborhood is yuppified and that's the price you have to pay to have a cookie or ice cream there. Rent is expensive and so are good ingredients. I go to stores in
                                  Brooklyn that are as good and cheaper. You have to pay the price to live in a gentrified neighborhood.

                            2. I went to One Girl once and haven't been back. It's a lovely shop and the cookies quite pretty. Workers were nice. But the minimum requirement was a turnoff, as was the price for what amounts to little more than a single bite per cookie. They weren't bad cookies, but at a high cost per bite, they should have been sublime, like a Jaques Torres chocolate. The value equation was just off for me.

                              I can get a better bang for my sweet-tooth buck a couple of blocks away at Marquet. Or, the not-so-chowhound thought that went through my mind as I was munching the One Girl fare...I should have bought a bag of Mint Milanos.

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                                speaking of the minimun requirement, I went to One Girl a while back and bought a box for a party for $20 or so. Upon requesting a couple of cookies to satisfy my immediate hunger, I was denied. Apparently a $20 box of cookies does not qualify as a mininum purchase. I have not been back.

                              2. Check out Tazza on Henry and Atlantic. They have 2 scoops of either Ciao Bello gelato or sorbet, for a total of $3. It's a nice serving, and tastes great. And the ambience of the place is not added into the cost.

                                1. i would be as annoyed as you - i think wanderluster has the most sensible recommendation.

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                                  1. re: janellegunther

                                    Just to answer some points other posters have made --
                                    I have no beef with the service, the person who served us was quite nice; I just don't like to be mislead.
                                    You can charge whatever you want for your product, but to hang up a big menu with one price, and then charge another much higher price, is B.S.
                                    The gelato is not homemade - it is Laboratorio, which granted is heavenly, but not even at the actual Laboratorio shop do they charge anywhere close to $5 for a small.
                                    Again, it's the bait and switch that really bugged. Not the service and not the product.

                                    1. re: wanderluster

                                      face it ... you got rolled! you deserve to be pissed...and yes...that is BS MS & PHD!