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Jul 30, 2007 11:06 AM

Park City

I just returned from Park City, UT. I had lunch at Bandits Barbecue and Wasatch Brew Pub, and dinners at Good Karma and Blind Dog Sushi.

Both Bandits and Wasatch were very good for lunch and I thought a reasonable value. Bandits tri tip was excellent and Wasatch had a nice selection of beer made on the premises. I had the Rasberry Wheat, which reminded me of some of the beers I had in Belgium.

I thought Good Karma was excellent. The Chicken Tikka Marsala is indeed hot as they say, and not for the timid. Try the Baklava for dessert. Its amazing. Also the service was friendly and knowledgable.

Blind Dog Sushi was disappointing. I sat at the sushi bar (only one sitting there). I ordered the Hamachi, which was OK, but not particularly fresh tasting. It was served on a dish that had a well for soy sauce - cute, but if you like to dip the whole piece in the sauce, it isn't big enough. I ordered a roll called the firecracker, that I guess had a tempura coating around it, but was over hardened in places. Not particularly tasty or interesting. Prices were high and not much value here. Neither sushi chef was Japanese. The one serving me was not particularly friendly, and I felt as if he couldn't care less if I was there or not. He seemed far more interested in socializing with the other staff. The last thing I felt like doing was ordering anything else.

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  1. Thanks for the report - I was curious about Blind Dog Sushi because my friends liked the Blind Dog Restaurant, but I took a peek into the Blind Dog Takeout and Seafood outlet down the street and did NOT like the smell nor looks of the seafood, so passed on the sushi restaurant. I'll post my Park City report after I leave town tomorrow.

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      shhhhhhhh. Don't tell too many people about Good Karma! We locals need at least one good restaurant to ourselves :-)
      It's even easier to get into now that they have moved from Park Ave. to over in Prospector. It was always hard to find parking, especially in the winter when downtown is flooded with tourists. The place has always been more of a local's spot, anyway. It's a welcome diversion from all of the other food in town.