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goat madness at goat house in ktown

hi folks,

if there are any goat enthusiasts out there i have the place for you.
i forgot my paper take away menu so i dont have the address but the place is called "goat house" on 6th street just east of harvard on the south side next to "oh my daisy" cafe. the korean name is something like "hook yum so jeep" the sign is only in korean but you can see black goats on the wall outside so its pretty obvious. the goat meat is freshly slaughtered and they dont use msg.

we had stewed spicy goat and stewed spicy goat intestines (both of these dishes are stewed with veggies - wild sesame leaves, enoki, and they will fry rice in the end)

we also had goat skin salad which was very good (goat skin is pretty elastic but not rubbery). wild sesame leaves, tossed with sesame oil and chili.

third we had steamed goat ribs which had lots of meat. this was served with boiled chives and green onions. this was my favorite dish. you sprinkle coarse salt over it and perhaps dip in the complex and powerul sauce they have at the table for you. pure essense of goat

they gave us an order of goat foot bones which still had gelatinous-ly reduced tendon clinging tenuously. these bad boys were about 6 inches long and they gave you plastic gloves and the sauce was a sweetened chili sauce with shitake not unlike the flavoring one might associate with dduk poki.
ladies, to avoid embarassment, be mindful of how you eat these bones, especially when you are sucking the last bit of tendon off the ends of these things...

we also got grilled goat liver that was marinated and topped with chopped green onions. most of the regular customers will call or get called when a shipment of fresh goat meat comes in so they can eat raw goat liver.

finally was a sliced boiled goat liver that kind of had that powdery texture that im not too into.

they ended with frying rice with nori and sesame oil for us.

we were all stuffed.

i think if you're a group, they do combos which include drinks (jinro soju or this other alchohol called moon bae sool, which i didnt care for).

dinner was 17 per person but we got some nice "service" free dishes cuz the girl who brought me seemed tight with the owner.

the meat is not gamey at all (i actually like the gamey flavor)

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  1. A goat tasting menu? I'm mildly disturbed, which means that I'm definitely going.

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      great. you can consult the sojumelier for a pairing.
      report back after you go...

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        If you want to do a little comparison tasting between the Korean goat preparations and Mexican goat dishes then you might think about finishing up with a trip to Birrieria Jalisco, which is also all goat all the time. You may end up bleating a little, but it could be worth the kidding from your friends.

        1845 E 1st Street
        Los Angeles, CA 90033
        (323) 262-4552

          1. Wow. This place sounds worth a visit. Was it crowded? How big is the place?

            1. wow great find! i love goat -- you can find the meat at A1 supermarket in echo park.

              1. the place probably has a main dining room that can probably seat like 40. then a side glassed in smoking room that can probably seat 20. we went on a sunday so it was probably only about 15-20 in there. i rolled in with 9 people and they put two tables sort of next to each other (tables were attached to gas lines so couldnt be moved absolutely next to each other although there was one table that could probably seeat 18 in the main room)

                i'd say that most of the goat meat in LA including the meat served at most korean goat restaurants including "jin goo gae" use frozen goat meat.

                1. I'm really intrigued by this place. I'm talking several people into going with me. So, one of my friends asked, is this goat or kid?

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                    im not sure but based on the size of the foot bone, maybe its a goat. but i doubt i could look at a bone and say how old the animal was. just a stab in the dark...

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                      I guess one would need a culinary archeologist for that that. :-) Thanks, I appreciate the reply. I guess the thinking behind the question is the difference in taste between lamb & mutton...

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                        Has anyone been to Goat House recently? I want to make sure it's still open. Thanks!

                  2. Not "all goat all the time," but you can also get goat at the Oaxacan restaurant Monte Alban (Santa Monica Blvd. near Barrington) and at the very good Indian restaurant, whose name I can't remember right this moment, in the Ralphs-based shopping center at the corner of Topanga Cyn. and Ventura Blvd. in Woodland Hills -- where the goat dishes are, for reasons unknown, listed on the menu under the heading "mutton." I asked them, by the way, where they obtain their goat, and they told me that the owner knows a goat farmer in the Simi Valley and he brings it fresh-slaughtered. Mighty good, as is the goat at Monte Alban (as is EVERYTHING at Monte Alban).

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                      The one time I tried the "bowl of goat" at Monte Alban, it was mostly fat, gristle, and bone. Everything else there is good, though.

                    2. Does anyone know if this place is stil open?