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Jul 30, 2007 11:01 AM

Cold Avocado Soup

I had been reading Andrea Nguyen's article on avocados in the new Saveur and had them on my mind. I also had 3 ripe avocados in my fridge which were quite ripe. It occured to me that on a hot sticky Indiana evening a chilled soup avocado soup would be just the ticket for supper.

Sorry I did not measure.

Into the soup pan a knob of unsalted butter a minced ripe red serrano chili and a chopped onion, it occured to me that avocado leaves have an anise flavor and I decided to try it in the soup. I put in a heaping 1/4 tsp. anise seed while the veg were cooking. It provided a very elusive anise flavor, sort of I know what that is but just can't quite place it quality. It was really nice. When the veg have softened I added about 1 qt. seafood stock and let it come to a low boil. Then reduced the heat and added 2 diced avocados and let is simmer a bit. Then took the hand blender to it and pureed it to a very smooth soup. To chill it quickly and thin it a bit I put about 6 ice cubes in a stainless mixing bowl and poured the soup over it then put it on the bottom shelf to chill for a couple of hours. When serving time came I ladled it into soup plates and added a generous scoop of lump crab meat and a dab of spicy salsa. It made about 3 servings. I thought about chopping the remaining avocado but will use it tonight in a salad.

I wish I had taken a picture, I got disreacted. It was a very pretty soup and delicious too. I did not salt since the seadood stock was salty but you might find you want a bit in yours.

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  1. Mmmm, I have two ripe avocados sitting on my counter right now. Soup for dinner!

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      I had some of the leftover soup which held it's pale green color beautfully, for lunch today. It was even better. Next time I decide to make this I'll make it at least 1 day ahead. Today I chopped shrimp to top it with the slasa. I was really impressed how the anise flavor came through and the serrano added the perfect amount of heat. Cold, spicy, herbal, and sensual. Perfect on a hot summer day.

    2. Wow Candy- I'm not a cold soup fan, but that sounds awesome. Think I will give it a try. Thanks for posting.

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        Thanks, I surprised my self with that one. The anise seed and serrano really make it special. We are having 90+ heat in Indiana. Cold soup is refreshing and a good way to go. Maybe gaspachho this week.. No end in sight at tis time for the heat. My other go to for super hot weather is Viet. food. Mkes lots of sense in hot steamy weather.

        1. re: Candy

          I'm not familiar w/Vietnemese food- why is it good in the summer? Throw me a few recipe names so I can look them up please.
          Thanks Candy

          1. re: Spencer

            oh my you are in for a treat. It is rthe perfect summer food. The first book I would recommend is Andrea Nguyen's Into the Vietnamese Kitchen.She is very thorough in her expanations and pronouncing gazeetter. It is clear and concise and approachable. The next two woul be anything by Corinne Trang or Mai Pham. YOu cannot go wrong with any of those. Happy hot weather dining.

      2. That sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing, as I'm having trouble with the heat affecting my digestion. Bleh.

        I've made a cold soup with avocado and carrot juice in the blender, no cooking, and really enjoyed that in summer. In fact, you've reminded me to go find that recipe...and I'll try yours too!