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Jul 30, 2007 11:00 AM

Fun Foodie Birthday Dinner out with the girls

I am planning a birthday dinner out in Toronto for about 6 women (in our thirties) who enjoy good food, good wine and fabulous cocktails but are looking for some good ambiance too. Here's the catch...there must be some excellent fish and veggie options. Feel free to include resto lounges, supper clubs etc.
Any ideas? Please help......

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  1. Starfish.
    JK Wine Bar
    Colborne Lane
    Globe Bistro

    1. colborne lane
      marben (haven't been yet but it sounds like it may fit the bill)

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      1. re: todc1996

        I would go to Mistura. They have excellent fish dishes and of course non meat pastas. The breaded artichokes are fabulous also. Then you could go upstairs to Sopra for some live jazz. Very cool spot. That's what my birthday plan will be at end of the month.

        1. re: millygirl

          Thanks for all of the great responses! Ki has been my birthday choice for the past two years - you just can't go wrong especially if you love a nice sake like I do! I think that we are leaning towards Marben or Mistura....will definitely write a follow up after the evening of likely fabulous food and debauchery...

          1. re: zengirl18

            Can't recall where I read it but I thought reviews for Marben have been poor.

      2. COCA, cuz it is tapas and has variety, straight forward easy to please stuff but also some more adventurous items - I had duck tongues and then tripe last time there, is still a "hot spot" so will have a good atmosphere and "action", and is in a central dense area of other bars + restos if you gals wannna move on for drinks somewhere else, although you wouldn 't need to...I have enjoyed wines there too, but I'm really no authority...