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Jul 30, 2007 10:36 AM

Where is the NYC restaurant in movie "Sleepless in Seattle"?

Where is the NYC restaurant from which Meg Ryan looks out and sees the big red heart on the side of the Empire State Bldg in the movie "Sleepless in Seattle", if it does exist? Reason: I've booked a 5-night surprise trip to NYC for our 25th anniversary, and she'll know nothing about it until we leave our airport for NYC.....(The restaurant may just be a cinema trick.) Any other ideas for romantic sites and/or restaurants? Thanks, jme

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  1. I know they've done some renovation, so the interiors may be different, but they're at the Rainbow Room:

    1. Another romantic place with a beautiful view of Manhattan is The River Cafe, it's in Brooklyn so you can search for information in the outer boroughs board. The food is also quite good!

      1. I believe that is The River Cafe in Brooklyn. They are across the water from Manhattan in the scene you are referencing, if I remember correctly. You can book reservations through Open Table.

        Sounds like a wonderful trip! Have a great time.

        ETA: I stand corrected - in doing some research to back up my foggy memory of that movie, I found out they are indeed at the Rainbow Room. Enjoy either way!