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Jul 30, 2007 10:22 AM


I'm posting a bit of a rant here.I've been going to Macrina on 1st for a long time now because I think they make the best pastries in town AND they are close by (though I have always wished they made a croissant). Lately though, I've just been coming to my wits end with the people that work there. The lines move amazingly slow and getting a coffee can take upwards of 15 minutes from order. Look, I'm all for the idea that good things take time, but picking a pastry out of a case and making a coffee shouldn't be a 20 minute affair. Everyone just seems completely under-trained and a few people there are just downright moody.

I was just there yesterday and to be honest, it wasn't too bad but every time I go there now I am expecting the worst. It's very unfortunate because the quality of food they put out is so high. My other option is La Panier in the market, but that place is just a complete zoo on the weekends...

</end rant>

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  1. Unfortunately, I've got to agree. For the last several visits to the 1st St location, the counter people have been sooooooo sloooooow and sullen, making even short lines unbearable because of how long they take. I'm taking a little Macrina hiatus: maybe if I go less often I won't mind waiting and dealing with their unpleasant counter people so much.

    1. Never had good service there. Too bad they're the best in town.

      Even when they're not busy, they're not friendly. These days I usually just buy their breads elsewhere (like DeLaurenti) and skip their pastries entirely. I've been patronizing Le Panier much more often.

      1. Completely agree, and it must be a company thing because I've only ever been to the Queen Anne Macrina. Slow, sullen emo kids with zero customer service skills. Only with such tasty goods can they continue to survive with such sorry service.

        1. Totally agree. It's never been great but it's gotten much worse in the past few months.

          1. For what it is worth you could try Cafe Besalu in Ballard periodically to give yourself a break. I think the pastries are better than those at Macrina or Le Panier but parking is difficult and it is also mobbed so it is subject to a slow moving line at times. The baristas call back several places in line to expedite drink orders and everyone is v.friendly but it is not necessarily a quick in and out.


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              Absolutely! Besalu supplanted Macrina for me when I moved back to town a few months ago and is my weekend destination spot (I'm an east-sider these days...) I think their pastries are the best in town, and although it's sometimes tiresome to wait in the long lines, their counter people are gracious and efficient, and obviously doing their best to move us pastry-junkies through quickly.