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Kobe Beef Burger?

I was recently in Boston and had a Kobe Beef Burger and boy was it good. I can't stop thinking about it but who knows when I'll be back in the city. So I was wondering if there was anywhere in LA that I could get a Kobe Beef Burger? (I'm in Glendale, but anywhere in the city is fine...)

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  1. You mean real honest-to-goodness Japanese Kobe beef. Or the American stuff? I know The Grill in BH has the fake kobe, and it's $27. Really good.

    Cut has an appetizer Kobe burger. Dakota has a fake Kobe too. I think it's like $40, though.

    1. I kind of remember that Cora's in Santa Monica (1802 Ocean Ave.) has an American-Kobe burger. I definitely remember that it is delicious. I like the whole menu there and the atmosphere is nice too. I haven't been for a while but I imagine it is still good.

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        I was there recently and it's still very good. I think they also have an American-style Kobe burger at the Arsenal in West LA that's pretty decent.

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          agreed on the kobe burger at arsenal. i didn't expect much when i tried it and the burger kinda wowed me. nice and juicy with a lot of flavor.

      2. 26 Beach has had american kobe burgers for a year or more.

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          Yes, I LOVE the 26 Beach Kobe Beef Burger, but it's not a regular menu item, it is a "special" most days, if not every day. $14 Very yummy. I order it on a brioche bun.

        2. I really like the American Kobe beef burger at Lucky Devil on Hollywood Blvd. They also have good beer and a great milk shake.

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            I can not eat like i used to, a milkshake and burger is to much. I really want to try their milkshake!

          2. Stonehill Tavern has one, and I also heard that Lucky Devils is good.

            The absolute best Kobe burger I've ever had is at Martini House in Napa, CA - if you're ever up there - I drove 4 hours roundtrip once just to have it..

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              They have Kobe Hot Dogs at Surfas, FYI

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                I noticed that last time I was in. Have you tried them?

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                  No, how much better than a Hebrew, Hoffy or a Nathans could they be! Actually TJ's has a Neiman Ranch no nitrate, no nitrite, uncured that is great!

            2. I gotta join in the Lucky Devils' fan club. All of the following are Excellent: juicy tasty beef prepd to your preferred donenes, Brioche bun, gourmet cheeses, grilled onions & homemade unique relish. Damn good fries too.

              6613 Hollywood Blvd

              1. Speaking of American Kobe beef burgers, you can get one for about $5 or $6 at Cisco Burgers in Long Beach. They are quite busy during the lunch hour. Jesse James or West Coast Choppers and his wife opened it up to offer 'healthy' fast food to their employees and others. I also went at dinner time and was disappointed in my burger, overdone. But at lunch time, they have always been great. I also like thier breakfast burritos, called the Bomb, the french fries and onion rings are tasty too.

                Cisco Burger
                620 W Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA 90813

                1. I believe BOA also has Kobe beef burgers, but I'm not sure if it's American style or Japanese...

                  1. Thanks for all the replies! I have a good list now and can't wait to try them.

                    1. Restaurant at the Getty Center is currently serving one. So is Grub in Hollywood.

                      1. I will throw in The Original Tops burgers to this discussion. I believe the Kobe burger is only at this Tops and not any others. It is the tastiest hamburger I have personally had, and for only $6.45.

                        I also have a hard time believing that they would use authentic Kobe beef in a hamburger. It is obviously the American Wagyu beef, which is excellent.

                        Here is a recent post of a Tops Kobe burger lovefest.


                        The Original Tops
                        3838 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107